Mountbatten Fort and Breakwater

Just time for a quick walk this afternoon. The hope was to dodge between the showers and stay dry, this was pretty much accomplished and with the added sunshine it made for a nice half an hour. Hopefully I can get out onto Dartmoor tomorrow (Sunday) although the forecast is pretty poor.

Mountbatten 1

A peek through the trees at the boats in Mountbatten Mariina with Lee Moor the hill in the far distance (where I was last week)

Mountbatten 2

Rounding the corner we see a rain shower passing over Plymouth Hoe with the Citadel to the right

Mountbatten 3

Mountbatten Fort

Mountbatten 4

The helicopter was circling to land in the Citadel, whilst the power boats coasted around the breakwater before blasting off into Plymouth Sound!

Mountbatten 5

Staddon Heights as the sky becomes blue!!

Mountbatten 6

Mountbatten pier (breakwater)

Mountbatten 7

At the far end of the breakwater now, looking back to the fort, heading there next

Mountbatten 8

The plaque shows the breakwater was built in 1881

Mountbatten 9

Having walked up to the fort you get this great view down to the breakwater with Plymouth Hoe to the right

Mountbatten 10

Mountbatten Fort with Lee Moor again visible to the left

Mountbatten 11

Staddon Heights from Mountbatten Fort

Mountbatten 12

Sparkling sea in Plymouth Sound with Cornwall to the right, the line in the distance is the Plymouth breakwater which protects the harbour and the Sound


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