This walk was done on the same day as the Aira Force walk, after visiting Grasmere, and having a pub tea in Keswick, I saw that the blue skies were still accompanying the day. Sunset came immediately to mind and whilst I went a little earlier than the sunset, the light and the views were fantastic. Now I’ve been up Latrigg before, so for me this is the start of my second round of Wainwrights, at this point I was on 89 of 214 on my first round. Now I know there are those that believe that you can’t start your second round if round one is on going, I’m not having any of that, especially as I live the distance I do from The Lakes. If anyone wants to argue with me then maybe they can drive to Plymouth before and after every Wainwright walk they do. So that’s now out the way, this was a stunning evening, the sun being in a good spot not to spoil the photos and the walk an easy one from the Gale Rd car park, the bench at the top was empty which meant 10 minutes sat staring at the best view in the Lakes with the smallest effort needed.

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Just leaving the Gale Rd car park you get these views along the valley to Great Mell Fell

Lake Bassenthwaite is peeping out on the left from behind Dodd, which leads up to Carlside and then on further up to Skiddaw Little Man

Arriving at the bench you get this, there’s probably an ever widening dent in the path at this point where people’s jaws hit the floor

Not bad is it. 10 minutes walk from the car for this. Keswick and Derwent Water below and an array of fells behind

Looking left a bit you get the Helvellyn ridge, that’s my next walk. Bleaberry Fell is on the right

The grassy bump down there is where the bench is located, this is the summit, the view remains!

Looking further left you get the Blease Fell end of Blencathra, Great Mell Fell in the centre distance and Clough Head right

Bit of zoom to Helvellyn and Browncove Crags, with White Side and Raise further to the left along the ridge

Oh go on then, one last look

The setting sun over the north western fells

4 thoughts on “Latrigg

  1. Latrigg is a cracking little hill. I started up it at 6pm on a May evening and had a glass of wine at the bench! One of very few hills I’ve done twice and if I ever finish a first round from Kent I’m having it for my 2nd too 😄

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