Fleetwith Pike

This walk wasn’t really on the agenda for this week. We were a bit tired after the previous day on Skiddaw and we felt a shorter easier walk would do. Nothing longer than a few hours. This walk is ideal for that. Starting at the Honister YHA and following the easy path (called the Drum road) and then breaking off right to the summit. It was a lovely walk in glorious conditions, which showed one of the finest views in the Lakes at its best. The photos don’t do the view justice at all, it is breath taking and well worth the small effort from Honister hause.

Start – Honister YHA
Route – Drum Road path – Drum Hause – Black Star (Honister Crag) – Fleetwith Pike – Dubs quarry – Dubs quarry path – Honister YHA
Distance –  3.5 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken –  3hrs      Highest Point – Fleetwith Pike 648metres
Weather – White fluffy clouds and sunshine, glorious

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Honister slate mine was the start point, this is also a good day out however not today for us, we are going up Fleetwith Pike which is top left, we will be returning down that road you can see climbing the fell

Its the Drum road path for us on the way up, which is the place where they lowered and pulled the mine carts up and down to the quarry. Honister slate mine is down there

Down to the right is the Honister pass which heads to Buttermere. Black Star is the crag on the left. Robinson is back right

A quick rest on the steep path

The fells to the east open out with the Helvellyn ridge at the back. Honister mine disappears from view after this point

We are at Drum Hause now, Pillar dominates the skyline to the left. High Crag and High Stile to the right. This path carries on to Haystacks which can be seen peeking up above the path

Moses Trod heads off in the direction of Great Gable, that is Brandreth up there to the left

We are heading this way to Fleetwith Pike

Biscuit and sweets time means happy faces. Great Gable now in view back left. Kirk Fell in the centre

The first glimpse of Buttermere this could be good when we get to the summit

An enormous drop from Black Star down to the Honister Pass. Vertigo inducing!!

Wowsers. Now that’s a view. This is number 106 in the Wainwright list putting me one short of half way. This has to be one of the best views I’ve had so far. Crag Fell, looking along Ennerdale gets close

Looking into the sun it looks a bit dark over Great Gable and Kirkfell. I think that’s Lingmell or Scafell in between the two at the back

Left to right. Haystacks (nearest), Pillar, High Crag and High Stile

Happy faces at Fleetwith Pike

Oh go on just one more look. Buttermere stretches away to Crummock Water

Down at Dubs quarry and the machinery doing the hard work. No movement today though

The moonscape of the Dubs quarry

Now down the main track to the slate mine

Zigzags as we go down. The old Yew Tree mines are on the hillside opposite

Fleetwith Pike from the youth hostel car park at the end of the walk


11 thoughts on “Fleetwith Pike

  1. It’s a long while since I climbed Fleetwith Pike and I don’t think I’ve ever done it from Honister. It’s an astonishing looking mountain isn’t it, because of that sharp ridge descending down into Buttermere.

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  2. You seem to be specializing in hills I have been up once and not for years! I think I did Fleetwith Pike in 1985 and not been up since. Which of course is a foolish considering the amazing view. Great to see your boys enjoying the mountains as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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