Spring on the Trowlesworthy Tors

A few days off work and with a good forecast I was out. The weather was almost spring like today, the sun was warm and it felt like the snow of a couple of weeks ago was long gone. I haven’t been down to Blackaton Cross for a number of years now, but it was good to be back here, and with a few tors thrown in, it was a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. The only part of this walk I’m not keen on is the section to the south east of the Trowlesworthy Tors. This is always very boggy, the ground moving type of boggy, where the earth is clearly sat on a watery bed, not a lot of fun. I should really have walked to the stone row and then up. But the main feature of today was the sun and the blue skies, more of that for spring would be lovely.

Start – Cadover parking
Route – Blackaton Cross – Great Trowlesworthy Tor – Little Trowlesworthy Tor – Shadyback Tor – Emmets Post – Cadover Parking
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  2hrs 15mins   Highest Point – Great Trowlesworthy Tor 357metres
Weather – Sunny and blue skies. Spring is nearly here!

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

At the start of the walk I head past Blackaton Cross, my walk will take me past those tors on the skyline

This is called Long Lake and used to be used for model boats, however the quarry company have stopped that now. That’s Penn Beacon and Shell Top behind

Very spring like today

Spring-like it might be but I wouldn’t be in there even if I could!!

Lee Moor clay quarry

This leat comes from the river Plym and ends up in Long Lake. It then leaves Long Lake and runs down the bottom of the valley on the left and back into the river Plym!!

I’ve walked to a large cairn on the hillside under Shell Top and I get a zoomed view to Plymouth Sound past the quarry workings

Lovely sunshine

Not sure what this sheep skull is laughing at

Behind Great Trowlesworthy Tor you get views to Eylesbarrow

Looking up to Shell Top

Little Trowlesworthy Tor from Great Trowlesworthy. The horizon is filled with the tors of Bodmin Moor

The two clumps of trees are part of my last walk with the clump to the right the one with Ditsworthy Warren House in it. The mast at Princetown in the distance

This was supposed to be the base of a flagpole bound for Devonport. It didn’t make it that far!

Looking back to Great Trowlesworthy

Shadyback Tor can be seen down there. The leat is between me and the tor and I head for the house on the hillside in order to find the small bridge over the leat

The bridge over the leat. Gutter Tor over on the left, Eylesbarrow is straight ahead

Shadyback Tor with the Plym on the left and Hen Tor up on the right of the river, Little Trowlesworthy Tor top right

The dip in the distance is the Plym Valley

Down by the Plym looking up to Legis Tor

This is where the stream that comes out from Long Lake rejoins the river Plym. The Trowlesworthy Tors are up there on the hillside

Shadyback Tor is behind the trees and farmhouse over there, there’s a bit of cloud gathering now but nothing that would amount to rain

Back along the road to the car and left to right I get a view of Little Trowlesworthy, Great Trowlesworthy, Shell Top and Penn Beacon


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