Derwent Water and Grasmere

The days either side of my walk up to Mellbreak and Hen Comb we had plans to go to Grasmere and do a circuit of the lake and also staying in Keswick meant a wander down to Friar’s crag again and a potter around the boat landing piers. The weather in Grasmere wasn’t great to be honest, very overcast, but its still a nice circuit, although we probably should have headed to Easedale Tarn instead. The shots down at Derwent Water were in much better weather as the evening sun brought out the colours on the boats brilliantly. All in all another fantastic trip up to Lakeland and its a place that I will not tire of, no matter how much the M6 tries to annoy me!

Looking to Castle Crag along Derwent Water

The end of the day at Derwent Water

Like this shot of Catbells on the left and Causey Pike on the right. Its like they are a mirror of each other

All along Derwent Water from Friar’s Crag

The lowering sun picks up the colours on the boats, the goose perches on a rock and Derwent Water is all quiet

Starting out from Grasmere on our circuit, the walk is only a couple of miles or so

Loughrigg Fell at the far end

Seat Sandal is the bulky one to the left, then Stone Arthur with Great Rigg peeking up behind

Same shot again with the clouds looking like they might provide some rain

Carrying on around the shore path

Nab Scar and Heron Pike

The beach part at the far end, the dip in the distance is Dunmail Raise

Silver How

Through the woods and then on to the pavement back into Grasmere

Helm Crag stands prominent at the far end of Grasmere, all that is left is the road walk back in to Grasmere


5 thoughts on “Derwent Water and Grasmere

    • The weather was a bit strange, it was cloudy with breaks, then all of a sudden the sun dropped below the cloud and streamed across Derwent water, it made all the greens, very green and the boats a lovely brown colour. Where I took the photo from with the boats and the goose, about 4 people followed me down and stood just to my left taking the same shot. Right place right time!!


  1. I’ve always liked Keswick and Derwent Water, as it seems to be a bit less touristy (as much as these these places can be in the Lakes!). Grasmere I’m not so keen on as it seems he’ll bent on extracting money from you with an onslaught of tweeness 😀


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