Buckland Pound, Buckland Beacon and Welstor Rock

I have recently begun volunteering for the Dartmoor Preservation Association, just helping to clear out some historical sites and a further chance to spend some time on Dartmoor. I had one day on Roborough Down helping to clear bracken, bramble and gorse from the Plymouth Leat. Today however was a bit higher up, thankfully the rain stayed away but the wind blew. Recently the Pound near to Buckland Beacon has been rediscovered, and there is a plan to create a walk which passes through this area. The DPA were tasked to clear the site, so armed with strimmers, rakes, loppers and cutters we headed out from Cold East Cross. Now these hardy bunch have already cleared a decent part of the Pound, but there was still a fair bit to do. A fine morning and afternoon was spent clearing the site and at the end I decided to head up to Buckland Beacon and Welstor Rock before heading to the Old Inn at Widecombe for a refreshment or two with the rest. I haven’t done volunteering before but I’m hooked and I will be back to do more for the DPA and their fantastic bunch.

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The rakes are out as we start to clear the Pound, looking over Pudsham Down to the west

Marking the edge of the Pound, which was good so I knew where to strim up to!!

The DPA van to the right and the cleared Pound clearly shown

Looking to Corndon Tor

This shot gives a better idea of the Pound. I’m heading to Buckland Beacon as the DPA van leaves the area for the pub

On Buckland Beacon now as a rain shower passes through the Dart Valley

Looking across to Corndon Tor

The Ten Commandments Stones, carved into the stones

Welstor Rock now, looking south towards Brent Hill in the far distance

Buckland Beacon from Welstor Rock

Rippon Tor to the north

That’s Teignmouth to the east

Walking back to Cold East Cross and looking over to Halshanger Common

Rippon Tor looms large ahead

Back at Cold East Cross now after a great day, now for the pub


8 thoughts on “Buckland Pound, Buckland Beacon and Welstor Rock

      • Exciting to find such places. I remember the 1970s on when my old pal Joe Turner was finding ring cairns. There’s a lot of unknown archaeology up there still.

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