On the coastal path around Bolt Head

I’d seen a walk in one of the walking magazines about a good loop around Bolt Head, near to Salcombe. The distance was around 9 miles and involved walking the coastal path from Overbecks (National Trust) to Hope Cove, involving plenty of plunging views down to the sea below. Now I wasn’t expecting to see tors on this walk, however there are two, Hazel Tor near to Soar Mill Cove and Sharp Tor just outside Salcombe on the way to Bolt Head. Now there are plenty of dramatic tors on Dartmoor, but none of them have the stunning backdrop of Sharp Tor. Its a fantastic place and a very good walk. The only tricky bit is choosing which route to take between Hope Cove and Overbecks, there are plenty of lanes to choose from or paths across fields. You could even take in the village of Malborough which has a pub, so starting there could be a good idea, There are also two car parks nearer to the coastal path, one at Middle Soar farm (where I parked) and a pay and display at Bolberry Down. Either way come on a good day and enjoy the sea views.

Start – Middle Soar farm National trust parking
Route – The Warren – Soar Mill Cove – Cathole Cliff – Bolberry Down – Bolt Tail – Hope Cove – Bolberry – Southdown Farm – Rew – Combe – Overbecks – Sharp Tor – Bolt Head – The Warren = Middle Soar parking
Distance – 9.5miles    Start time – 10.45am    Time taken – 5hrs 30mins  Highest Point – Bolt Head 130metres
Weather – Low cloud and mist to start, then clearing as the day went on

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

Middle Soar Farm, the right of way is along this lane and to the left of the farm building

First view down to the sea, well what I can see of it. Bolt Head is on the right, I’ll be there later.

The cloud was dropping and lifting all the way to Hope Cove, but it meant that the views kept being revealed as I went

Off Cove as the cloud comes down

The headland at Steeple Cove

Ham Rock out at sea, the beach down there is Soar Mill Cove

Soar Mill Cove and Cathole Cliff beyond and Slippery Point further on

Hazel Tor up on the right, I wasn’t aware of there being tors in this area but they are as good as those on the moor. I’m heading down around the back of the beach and then up on to Cathole Cliff

This fella was having a good scratch on the fence

Ham Rock from Cathole Cliff

Hazel Tor from the same spot, the valley on the right leads up to Soar

Looking back along the cliff to Ham Rock from Slippery Point. I love the islands of sand below

My first view down to Hope Cove and Bigbury Bay beyond

Bolt Tail and a view to Burgh Island, just

Hope Cove and the villages of Inner and Outer Hope

Heading into Inner Hope

Down at Hope Cove now and a spot for a brew

Walking the lanes now across to Salcombe, here looking back to Hope Cove

Not sure about this sign, It was about 5 metres back from the hedge and facing into a field

Bolberry village

The back of Hazel Tor as I walk past Southdown Farm

The cloud has dropped again as I look down from Rew towards the cove holding South Sands

Spring in Combe

Heading up into Tor Woods which leads to Overbecks

A different climate at Overbecks!!

Great view down to Salcombe from Overbecks

Prawle Point as I head out to Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor has 3 or 4 of this jagged rocky cliffs which tumble down to the sea, all have great views into Salcombe

Bolt Head from Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor and a nice place to sit to look across to Prawle Point

This is Bolt Head a fantastic rocky point sticking out into the channel

Bolt Head with Prawle Point beyond

Off Cove again as I reach the start of the walk, Bolt Head across the cove and a ship the size of Belgium sailing across the channel

I’m guessing this thing has come out of Southampton and is heading past Gibraltar and through the Suez canal, but it was enormous.

Steeple Cove ahead and beyond that is the Mewstone (Wembury) and Rame Head which is by Plymouth Sound

Much clearer now than when I took this photo about 5 hours ago

This was an RAF station during the war, there is plenty of evidence of the runways and buildings still around today. Its a fine walk and one that I’m glad I saw in the magazine.



8 thoughts on “On the coastal path around Bolt Head

  1. Beautiful bit of coast, I used to do it from Malborough, down to Salcombe then round to Hope Cove and back with a halt at Soar Mill Cove.

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  2. You got some good photos of Soar Mill Cove, one of my favourite spots.

    I’ve been walking parts of the coastal path from Plymouth to Exeter and this is my favourite stretch so far.
    Malborough is a great place to start and finish, not least because it has a free car park and toilet.
    If you’re going to do the whole thing in a day I would start by visiting Bolt Tail first before making your way to Bolt Head. You can then extend your walk to Salcombe where there is a very nice and safe cycle path back to Malborough in case it’s getting dark.

    Also worth noting is that from the National Trust Bolberry Down car park there is now a 1km section of the coastal path that has been upgraded and is now fully accessible for wheelchairs.

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