Tarn Hows, Surprise View and Aira Force

The title is a bit misleading, we didn’t do all these on the same day, they were split by a couple of days and a walk for myself along the High Stile Ridge. The first section of photos, of Tarn Hows, Surprise View and Ashness Bridge were all done on one day. A couple of days later, we had a trip over to Ullswater to take in a boat ride and a lovely walk around Aira Force. These are popular areas of the Lake District, but don’t let that put you off, in fact Aira Force after a rainy day is a fine sight and Tarn Hows on a beautifully sunny day is a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely couple of hours walking around the tarn. In this case the walk around Tarn Hows was good, a little cloudy and chilly but a pleasant stroll. However the visit to Surprise View was superb as always and a bonus stop at the bottom of the hill to grab a few photos by the pier proved to be a good decision. However the highlight was the visit to Ullswater, there was barely a breath of wind, and the resulting reflections were absolutely stunning. The steamer ride across to Aira Force was brilliant and the walk equally so, we saw a red squirrel in one of the feeding boxes which was a great end to a great day.

The daffs were still out at Tarn Hows. That’s the Langdale Pikes in the distance.

Same spot but looking to Tarn Hows. Black Fell in the distance.

Looking along Tarn Hows as the sun starts to shine

Wetherlam looking huge across Tarn Hows

At the bridge at the far end now, looking back across the tarn. Here you can hop over a stile and head for Black Fell

The stile is in the corner over there. Black Fell is behind the trees

Walking back towards the car now and some darker shadows over Tarn Hows

All the way around is an easy path, great for families, prams and wheelchairs

Back at the start and a view along Tarn Hows

This point is the best spot to see Black Fell above the far end of Tarn Hows

Now this a bit of a generic photo of most of our week away. Coffee, tea and plenty of cake. A day didn’t go by without a cake. And staying in Keswick we had plenty of choices. Yet again Treeby and Bolton was our favourite, but keep this to yourselves as we don’t want all the cake to be eaten before we come again!!

After all the cake we hauled ourselves up to Surprise View. Its is a superb spot, even on a hazy day such as this. Skiddaw standing magnificent at the end of Derwent Water.

Just down from Surprise View you will cross over Ashness Bridge. Now this is a very, very popular spot. To get a photo without any cars or people around requires a bit of luck and either an early or late start. We took the latter and came late in the day, without the haze you get great views to Skiddaw.from here.

We dropped down the road and stopped at the bottom. Crossed over the Keswick to Borrowdale road to the outskirts over Derwent Water. Here there is a pier used by the Derwent Water boat, which gave a great foreground to the photos across the water. Here Catbells is silhouetted beautifully from the pier.

Looking the other way to Skiddaw.

A couple of days later and we are over at Ullswater. For a beautifully still day on the water and fine walk around Aira Force. Our steamer is ready by the Ullswater Pier and the backdrop is jaw dropping.

A fabulous reflection of Birks across Ullswater

From the pier I look into Glenridding, with Birkhouse Moor left and Glenridding Dodd right

Looking north along Ullswater, it was very peaceful here

Out on the water now looking to the Inn on the Lake hotel with the bulk of Birkhouse Moor behind

Looking up Glencoyne to Raise, Sheffield Pike to the left

We have landed and the views are breathtaking along Ullswater

We had just started the walk to Aira Force and over to our right we saw a feeding box. And this little fella came along, now this is as good a sighting of a red squirrel that I have seen. He was in and out of that box like it was his first meal in months. Such a special sight of an amazing animal.

The first view back to Ullswater with Place Fell to the left

From the higher path and at this time of the year you get a view through the trees to Aira Force

Aira Beck in full sunshine

At the top just below High Force bridge, looking back down

Aira Force

There are so many lovely spots along this walk, here I am on one of the lower bridges on the way back to the car park

As you come out of the car park at this time of year you get a lovely patch of daffodils and Derwent water behind. And the end of a fine day. I forgot to add that on the boat out a nice fella had proposed to his girlfriend right in front of me, they were also on the boat back both beaming with joy. I can only wish them all the future happiness.


2 thoughts on “Tarn Hows, Surprise View and Aira Force

    • It wasn’t too bad the week before Easter weekend, it was only averagely busy and we picked good times to go to places like Surprise View, you know you’ve got the timing right when there is no one on Ashness Bridge

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