Guernsey and 6 times

We’d had a last minute idea to go away over the late May bank holiday but couldn’t decide where. We looked at Cornwall, South Wales, maybe Bath, but plumped for Guernsey, due to having family over there and it was somewhere different. It was also pretty easy to get to, with a 25 minute flight from Exeter. The island is a bit of a mix of Cornwall, with some rocky rugged beaches, villages and towns by the sea and northern France, especially the roads, houses and plenty of coffee outdoors. The buses, despite it being bank holiday weekend were pretty good and get you around the island to the sights. And there is a fair bit to see with St Peter’s Port, Castle Cornet, Pembroke Bay and The Little Chapel all on our itinerary. There’s plenty of history here with this being the place that during the war, was under German occupation and the island is full of relics from that war. It was a lovely little break and somewhere that I could go back to as it is very relaxed.

On arrival at Cobo beach, our hotel was to my left here, it was a bit dull. But the place is famed for its sunsets, and when the sun is out its a great place to be

We took a bus across the island to St Peter Port to look for somewhere for tea. To work up an appetite we took a walk out to Castle Cornet, there was a cruise liner which was just leaving as we walked. As you can see the weather this side (about 3 or 4 miles across) was lovely.

The breakwater past Castle Cornet. That is Herm over there, and a faint hazy part of Sark in the distance to the right

Looking back to Castle Cornet

St Peter’s Port

By the time we headed back to Cobo, the sun was out, so we jumped off the bus a stop or two early at Grandes Rocques and wandered back along the beach. Would the sunset happen tonight? The photo is looking across to Cobo and the area around our hotel.

And back now to the fort at Grandes Rocques

This is as good as the sunset got. I ran back in for my good camera, only to come out 15 minutes later to fog. I couldn’t see the sand nevermind the sunset. Another day maybe!!

Next day and we are back in St Peter Port. This church is very prominent near to the main bus terminal

The main reason to go to St Peter Port was to go here. The Little Chapel, yours truly sat outside one of the smallest chapels in the world. Its beautifully decorated inside and out. It fits about 4 people standing in it, and it goes underground a bit as well.

Inside the Little Chapel

These lads were outside. Now these are Guernsey’s. Don’t under any circumstances say these are Jersey’s, you will be lynched.

L’Ancresse golf course and one of the Martello towers all around Guernsey, you can see more in the distance. We would come back to L’Ancresse and Pembroke Bay another day

On arrival back at our hotel there was a Balcony gig with an Ed Sheeran tribute act on. He was pretty good, but I wasn’t fussed so headed inside to the bar.

Now, then this was the bank holiday Monday and the Cobo sand lights up with the sunshine and the water looks stunning

The other way to Grandes Rocques

A quick bus ride to Pembroke Bay for more of the same, less rocky here and one of the best beaches I’ve seen

Glorious. Probably my favourite spot on the island

Martello Tower number 9

Now back at Cobo, same day and fingers crossed for the sunset which looks good so far,.

Hmmm, cloud building again!

As good as it got, the sun drops behind the cloud and my last chance for the sunset is gone.

Our last day and more stunning weather in St Peter Port

Like Edinburgh there is a daily gun here, only at midday rather than 1pm. You can see the fella in red who has just fired and a bit of smoke floating away.

Oh and I nearly forgot. 6 times and the best night I’ve had in a long time watching this lot pick up the European Cup


5 thoughts on “Guernsey and 6 times

  1. Guernsy looks really good in your photos (helped by good weather). A lot of variety in a small area.
    I’ve seen quite a few Martello towers around Dublin and even been inside one ( the one that features in James Joyces’ Ulysees, which is now a museum). And speaking of Ireland, I watched the match on Saturday in a pub in a small Irish village packed with locals, a good number in red shirts. Takes me back to the night they won the European cup for the firsttime when I celebrated after the match in a pub in Wavertree.

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    • I lived in Wavertree for 4 years (near the Coffee House and the Picton clock) when I was a university at John Moores. Being from the northwest anyway, Liverpool was the only city for me to go to Uni in. My dad was telling me stories again about where we watched the final in 1977, Pentewan Sands clubhouse in Cornwall, think he’s told me that story about 20 times!! And yes Guernsey was beautiful, a small island with lots of nice spots for a view.


      • I lived half way up Mill Lane, which begins opposite the Picton clock. Used to drink in the pubs near there, including the Clock pub. I was at Liverpool Uni. I shared a flat with a mate and we rented a telly. A gang of our mates came round to watch the game as they didn’t have tellies (including an Evertonian). After the game we headed down to the High Street to the pub and as we walked down there were loads of people pouring out of their houses with the same idea. This was before the days pubs had big screens. The atmosphere in the pub was fantastic. Everyone singing “You’ll never walk alone”. Great memories

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    • They have a similarity to the Cornish coast, quite rocky in places, with the odd beach which is identical to those in Normandy (especially as they have the German concrete walls and fortifications of WW2). Its a nice place and only needs a few days to see most of it.

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