Wembury wander

Just a short evening walk from the NT car park at Wembury, mainly heading west towards the Mewstone along the good coastal path. This is nothing more than a change of scenery for me, to get in some coastal sea views rather than the normal moorland that I get most weeks. Don’t worry I’ll be back to normal this weekend!! The sun was setting as we arrived so the light was excellent and despite only having my phone with me I got a few decent shots. There were plenty of people of the beach and at 8pm when we arrived the car park was full (over 40 cars), plenty of BBQs on the beach also alongside the normal watersports out to sea. Great to see so many people out and about.

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

Starting out from the car park, the cafe is below (but is closed) and there is the distinctive waft of BBQ burgers on the go. I’ve had tea but I could demolish one now!! The SUP (stand up paddleboaders) are returning in to shore.

Along the coastal path, the Mewstone is out to sea. Up on the headland to the right is HMS Heybrook Bay and the radar station

Looking back across Wembury Bay

Wembury Church this time in view

Walking back towards the beach

Still plenty on the beach, its now around 8.40

Shadows to the Mewstone

St Werburgh Church as the sun sets


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