This seems to be one of our go to low level walks when we are up here in the Lakes. And we never seem to add on Rydal Water to this walk, in fact I’ve never walked around Rydal for some reason. I guess at around an hour and a half to get around the lake plus an hour and a half pottering in shops and getting a brew, Grasmere is the ideal half day outing. This was another perfect little leg stretch before going back for a pint or 3 back in The Wainwright pub in Keswick. The sun came out for parts of the walk but mainly it was overcast and a bit dull although the nice colours on the trees did lift things a little. Another good outing to Grasmere and one that will no doubt be repeated in the future.

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Looking over the fence from the road walk around the western side of the lake towards Loughrigg, the road part goes on for quite a while, probably about a mile and you need to have your wits about you with the cars zipping along the Red Bank road

Further around and looking over to Stone Arthur. Seat Sandal has its head in the clouds back left

Grasmere lake with Nab Scar on the left. Loughrigg is behind the tree on the right

The lakeside path

Nearing the far end of the lake. Helm Crag is on the left of the dip (Dunmail Raise) with Seat Sandal on the right

There’s a bit of a beach at the far end which always seems to be busy regardless of the weather, but the view back is always very good

Told you there was some blue sky, here above Nab Scar and Heron Pike

The weir at the far end of the lake, at this point you can start the circuit of Rydal Water or head through the woods. The trees had some nice colours so we went that way

Silver How from the woodland path

As you pop out of the woods you join the road between Ambleside and Grasmere. And while the road is busy your gaze is always dragged left across the lake

Silver How again, across the lake

Just back into Grasmere now, and we will head for the shops and for a brew

The church in Grasmere and the Wordsworth family graves in the grounds of the church. AT this point we headed right out of photo and picked up some gingerbread from Sarah Nelson’s shop. Yummy!

10 thoughts on “Grasmere

  1. Well worth adding on the alleged old corpse road from Rydal to Dove Cottage as an alternative – best walked in that direction to get the views,

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      • The Corpse path – and now there’s some debate whether it actually was – does offer some splendid views, walking northwards for preference.

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  2. Agree with John about extending round Rydal Water and back on the corpse road. Theres a couple of places to pick up a brew half way round the route at Rydal (Rydal Hall being one) and there would still be time to get back for a pint in Grasmere

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    • Thank you very much. Grasmere is a fine little village with some stunning scenery around. But to be fair its difficult to find anywhere that isn’t stunning in The Lakes.


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