Bovisand and to the Manor Bourne

Another day and another walk from home. This one was 6 days after the last and no change in the weather during that time, I went early and was back home by mid morning, still there were a few people around on the walk, particularly around the Bovisand area, where I met some police who were out turning people away from parking at Bovisand. I had a chat with them and they echoed the calls on the TV regarding not driving to places to walk and encouraging the walking from home. I’m lucky in the fact that this place is on my doorstep and the whole walk was around 2 hours over 5 miles, I have maybe one more walk that I could do from the doorstep without repeating too much of a walk. Strange times.

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Same photo to start with as my last walk towards Wembury. Back down the road at the start of the walk. The distance views are a little hazy in the early morning

Hazy views to Dartmoor from the first farm reached just outside Staddiscombe

Lee Moor is the high point in the far distance

Part of Plymouth on the left with the western side of Dartmoor around Cox Tor, to the right of that

A glimpse to the sea over the fields

Down Thomas up on the left hand side at the end of the dip is Bovisand. I’m following the road down the hill next to the coastal path

Fort Staddon and the two masts in view all around Plymouth

Staddon Heights golf course

Plymouth from the coastal path

Plymouth Sound, the Breakwater with Cawsand across the otherside. That is Cornwall on that side where I walked a few weeks ago, here. Fort Picklecombe is on the right hand side of picture.

Drake’s Island is on the left as I look towards Plymouth

Info board about the Staddon defences which includes Fort Staddon

Staddon radar station, positioned on one of the old WW2 bunkers

Fort Bovisand and across to the Breakwater. Rame Head is the land beyond

Now down at Bovisand beach it was very calm down here

I’ve come down around the back of those houses over there and across the beach to here, I’m now walking part way through the caravan park and then up to Down Thomas

Plymouth Sound from Bovisand

These guys were in situ at Bovisand car park, they had asked me were I’d parked (which I hadn’t) and where I was walking from and to, by this point I was on the homeward section

A small hamlet called Manor Bourne, some large houses with great views across to Cornwall

Heybrook Bay and the RAF radar station behind

The masts at Fort Staddon as I reach Down Thomas

I’m back on the previous walk now as I walk back into Staddiscombe

My new favourite view, the Bovisand valley across to Rame Head

Key worker in his fields, love how nothing stops a farmer

Pil Box on the edge of Staddiscombe and Dartmoor in the distance. Another nice little bimble of about 4 and a half miles.


5 thoughts on “Bovisand and to the Manor Bourne

  1. Nice little walk from home that, great that you can at least reach the coast for sea air. My local muddy fields are a bit dull for walking. Were the police stopping people from walking on the beach providing they hadn’t driven there?

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    • They were just asking the questions, trying to build a picture of who goes there and from where I guess. There were a couple of people on the beach already, one guy walking his dog and a lady swimming. There were people who were in their caravans, however the site is only closed for a month a year so they could have been there for a while. Its a good local walk, even better if it is extended along the coast further, but for now this is good.

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  2. You’re luckyto have such good countryside, with some variety too, on your doorstep. We all need to make the most of what we have nearby. Glad I don’t live in the centre of a large city at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m very lucky, but then again I wouldn’t choose to live central also. I’m very happy with what I have and times like this provide perspective on what is close to us.


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