Langdon Court, Bovisand and Staddon Heights

Another walk from the door, number 6 in this lockdown series!! This one is a bit of a mash of the others to be honest and I’ve saturated this area now, although another visit down to Wembury Woods and Cofflete Creek would be fantastic, this would be a mash together of two previous walks. The only other way is to head way east but that would be a very long walk, however I’ve finally received a home working laptop which means as of Monday I’m back in work, which means come next weekend I might need a long walk!! On this walk, I headed out towards Wembury first and looped around to Langdon Court, then headed down to Bovisand and on to the coastal path. It was a walk just shy of 7 miles and the weather was excellent, a bit breezy which meant I was between a t shirt and fleece, as it was hot out of the wind but cool in it! The white fluffy clouds made for some lovely skies and the air clarity has improved no end, since the heavy showers we’ve had this week. Talking about the rain, all the flowers, hedgerows, trees, grassland areas had been clearly needing a drink. The difference from last week to this is huge, plenty of flowering, leaves and greenery everywhere. Nature rolls on without us!

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Here I am again, off up the hill to set out across the fields towards Wembury. There’s a decent breeze and the white fluffy clouds are scudding across the sky. Going to be a good one this one.

Good skies, a glimpse of the sea and green fields and trees. Perfect

The rape seed fields are turning from yellow to green as the pods develop.

The air clarity is very good today, Dartmoor in clear view with Lee Moor the high point centre left and Western Beacon furthest right

A bit further left is the rest of Dartmoor in sight from here. From left to right is Cox Tor, Staple Tors, Great Mis Tor, Peek Hill and North Hessary Tor with the mast on it

Heading down Traine Road which leads to the Odd Wheel pub in Wembury, before I get there I head right along a footpath over more fields towards Langdon Court

On the fields now with a view out to sea

Langdon Court is the large building on the left, a great sky again and a clear path ahead

I could go that way to Down Thomas but not for me. Bovine aren’t my favourite. So it’s right and along the road

The verges and hedges were in full bloom, cowslips, bluebells, forget me nots, daisies, buttercups and dandelions all out. Plus some pinky purple ones that I can’t remember their name

Dartmoor at the back again as I leave the road to head downhill and follow the path down to Bovisand

My path to Bovi is in the trees to the right. But I love this newly found view of the sea across to Penlee Point and Rame Head

This is the lane to Bovi, a lovely dappled avenue with a small stream on the left

At Bovi. I took a picture of the beach but it was very dull as a huge cloud was overhead at the time. Penlee Point and the Breakwater out to sea

That’s a bit better, Bovi beach catches the sun again on the left, with the caravan park on the headland opposite. The coastal path that way leads to Heybrook Bay and then on to Wembury

It was breezy here but the views are excellent. Fort Bovisand is below. The breakwater guards the entrance to Plymouth Sound, Penlee Point is the headland on the left, the village above the far end of the breakwater is Kingsand/Cawsand and further round to the right is Fort Picklecombe.

Plymouth Sound, Drake’s Island and Plymouth

A bit more of Plymouth. Jennycliff is down there on the right

Drake’s Island blocks the entrance to the River Tamar with Bodmin Moor away in the distance

After a short bit of uphill, I reach Fort Staddon Heights

After the bits of rain this week everything has gone green

Nature carries on regardless with Plymouth in the background

Lambs keeping a close watch on me

A fine sky and a view to Dartmoor, I’d sat here for 20 minutes on my first break for a coffee or two and a biscuit or 3. Hard work this walking malarkey

The masts at Staddon Heights in the distance beyond the old village part of Staddiscombe. This is the last photo at the end of a good walk


9 thoughts on “Langdon Court, Bovisand and Staddon Heights

  1. Warm in the sun, cold out of it – that sums up our weather for a good part of the last few weeks.
    Terrific mixture of views again – I’ve been particularly aware of the clouds of late and the skies look great in your photos.

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  2. Cracking walk that one, bit of everything in there. As someone who’s using his bike more than his feet at the moment, that burst of color also brings with it insects. I’m getting all the protein I need from swallowed flies! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m surprised you haven’t used the bike to get to a hill, tie it up somewhere safe and then have a walk up the hill. Best of both worlds!! I know what you mean about the flies, plenty on my last 2 walks although I avoided eating them, more headbutting them as they fly into me!


      • Yesterday it was like cycling through a rain storm of flies! I have an idea for a couple of short walks from the bike but I’m trying to keep a low profile if I can. I can’t walk in my local Black Mountains as they are in Wales (different enforcement rules) and in the National Park which is effectively closed.

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