All around Moretonhampstead

Between Christmas and New Year the whole country of England has a bit of a covering of snow. A fine time to share some times with your family. Unfortunately those in charge said that we should not play out, or in for that matter. The rules were fun, to say the least. To be exact, your friend cannot come to your house for a drink, but can stand next to you in work with a coffee, a family member can come to your house to fix your electric or gas, but you cannot have them round for a chat. Yes its that’s stupid here in the UK. Devon is in tier 3, the government does not recognise the different local authority regions and lumps us all together. I therefore will move about the region as I wish, with a modicum of sense. I stayed within an hour of home and took in a fine walk around Moretonhampstead. This walk picked up a few unvisited tors on my list plus a handful of Dartmoor 365 spots. I have to say that I am enjoying the Dartmoor 365 walks. I always enjoyed the walks around the lanes in the winter, when the high moor was full of water, but having an aim for these walks has helped the lanes to become a passage to a target. Plenty of these to come in 2021

Start – Moretonhampstead parking

Route – Moretonhampstead Village Cross – Rectory Tor – Wray Brook Bridge – Coombe Court – Butterdon Hill – Butterdon Hill Standing Stone – Ash Tor – Linscott TorLinscott Cross – Sloncombe – North Bovey – North Bovey CrossBovey Cross – Binning – Moretonhampstead

Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 9.45am    Time taken – 4hrs 45mins Highest Point – Butterdon Hill 351metres

Weather – Sunshine and clouds, light hail and cold

© Crown copyright 2020 Ordnance Survey FL 2020 SF
Moretonhampstead village, the Co-op is open over there but not many people about
The village cross, set on a pedestal (previously used for dancing) and a new tree (the Elm prior to this was called the Dancing Tree)
Moretonhampstead Church
I was crossing a field at the back of the church, well used by dog walkers. The snow on the high moor meant a hard frost here
Rectory Tor, near to the rectory of the church, obviously!!
Yoda and Obi have passed, hoping that Luke is still going
Looking back to the church at Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor proper is beyond
A glorious scene of frost, white and cold. Haytor is at the back as a surprise to the view
Wray Brook Bridge, Milland Rocks is up in the trees beyond the horse, not on my list
The sun is rapidly reducing the frost and ice as I catch a view towards Chagford Common and Easdon Tor on the left
A fine path, I’m heading up to the left through the trees next
Rain or is it hail dropping both left and right as I look south east ish towards Bovey Tracey
The high moor had a cap of cloud most of the day, Cosdon Beacon is far right. I’m on Butterdon Hill now
I’d walked across Butterdon Hill at this point to reach the Standing stone. Haytor is in the distance and some rain/sleet
Loving the light on these photos, the sun is lighting up the road/ground. Haytor again in the distance. I’m heading downhill to join a footpath through woodland past some tors.
The first one is Ash Tor. Now I followed the footpath and reached a gate which was overgrown. I climbed it to see the outcrop of Ash Tor on my right, it starts with lots of mossy boulders which get bigger as you head in. This outcrop is the main part of the tor
I rejoined the path with improves after Ash Tor , heading downhill. Finally just as you reach the lane Linscott Tor appears on your left. The boulders are spread out but get bigger at the summit.
I reached the lane and turned left after a short distance I see Linscott Cross, the tor of the same name is behind this point
The clouds were lovely over the moor proper, however it probably meant snow or sleet
I’d walked a bit of road/lane to get here to Sloncombe, not much of a hamlet but one of the Dartmoor 365
I loved the barn on the right and it gave a good view to Mardon Down
A lovely view along the Bovey Valley
This shot shows the weather which kept coming from the north. Meldon Hill is to the right backed by dark clouds. With Fernworthy forest on the left at the back
Nice horns
The sun did also shine, this time on my way down to North Bovey
North Bovey Cross and green, at the foot of each tree you will see a stone. They are marked with important memorials over the years when the tree was planted. George 6th coronation, Queen Victoria Jubilee, 2000 and Queen Elizabeth Coronation plus more.
Pound Street towards Moretonhampstead
There is Moretonhampstead the church stands proud
Bovey Cross or Hospit Cross in Devon (Horsepit Cross elsewhere!)
Butterdon Hill is in view just left of the line of trees running upwards (centre left). Mardon Down is back right
Hmmm, that doesn’t look good. Luckily it just evaded me
Brinning Cross, the marker showing the M for Moretonhampstead is on the left
I’m in Moretonhampstead now, you might have guessed from the house. The car park is in the village as well. I had finished the walk pretty early for me at 2.30pm. So I took a drive over Dartmoor proper to see the flocks of people who had come to see the white stuff.
There were a few at the Warren House Inn but no more than you would see normally in December
Plenty of sun and snow
I’m nearly at Postbridge here and take a photo back along the road towards Merripit Hill

5 thoughts on “All around Moretonhampstead

  1. A nice circuit. Good to see the pictures. Moreton (the hampstead was tacked on my a local bigwig who wanted to make it sound posher!) features in the novel I’m writing at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Its a good little town. The pub opposite the White hart hotel looks to have closed , as its up for sale. But I’ll be planning more walks around that area when we can so I’ll be supporting the local businesses when I can get back there

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally agree that the clouds and the light effects the past few days have been superb. Providing you pick your moments (or strike lucky), winter is a fine time to be out in the hills

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to get out on the moor while I could. Looks like it will be gone for me now for a while, or at least the main part of it. Ivybridge is only 10minutes from home so I could walk up to the southernmost part from there, but I reckon there will be lots more of the seaside to come, as it was last March and April

      Liked by 1 person

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