Plymouth seafront

It had been a while since I’d been to the seafront of Plymouth, probably about 18 months. Which seems ridiculous when I live here. So I thought I’d put that right and take the boys for an ice cream. I expected it to be busy and it was with plenty of cafe’s open selling the goods for takeaway. Its a very simple walk and an out and back in the main in some fine sunshine which was pretty warm.

We’d parked somewhere free and took a short bimble along this part of the coastal path, not many will do this part as they will cross from the Mountbatten pub via the ferry, to the Barbican
Mountbatten is over there on the left as we look out towards Plymouth Sound
Plymouth city is over there
Big sign
Queen Anne’s Battery. The National Marine Aquarium is behind me
My youngest who needs a haircut badly and the place where the Mayflower left for America (the actual spot is unlikely to be here as the walls weren’t built and the harbour looked different back then, but its somewhere here!!)
Plymouth Sound
The boys look for places to jump in off the rocks below
Tinside Lido, looking fine in the sunshine
The citadel up on the left. Mountbatten pier sticking out into the Sound and Staddon Heights is the headland in the distance
An Anthony Gormley statue, supposed to be a man looking out to sea
We climbed up to the Hoe promenade to get better views of the Sound and Drake’s Island
Smeatons Tower. which originally stood on Eddystone Rock for 120 years and was only taken down because the rock underneath it wore away. A revolutionary design in lighthouse building
The Hoe war memorial
The citadel up on the left as we head down to the road and that shack over there for a drink, we spread our pounds and bought an ice cream a little further along
The Barbican, Plymouth
We looped around Sutton Harbour instead of passing the aquarium to extend the walk a bit. This was a decent way to spend an hour or so, before the tourists arrive next week!

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