Post 500 – Grasmere and the Lakes

Arriving back from the Lakes after my Easter holiday, I had a look through my stats page after posting a walk I did before heading 400 miles north, and noticed that I was sat on 499 posts. What to do for number 500, my first big walk in this visit to the Lakes was from Wasdale, up Yewbarrow and to Scoat Fell and Steeple. A fine “post 500” entrant. But not for me, I may (highly likely actually) only walk these paths once, so why not instead make Post 500 about places I have visited before, many times. Grasmere is a walk I’ve done more than any other in the Lakes, and probably challenges my most popular walk ever around Cadover Bridge and Wigford Down. Considering its 400 miles away it’s a fair effort, but then considering I’ve been to the Lakes every year (bar one obvious exemption of 2020) since 2008, at times 2 or 3 times, it makes sense that you have a favourite spot and regular go to. Grasmere is usually our first proper day outing, having driven up the day before and spent that day around Keswick, we then head down to Grasmere the next day for coffee and a bimble. I reckon I’ve walked around Grasmere at least 7 times now, 5 are on this website, so it seemed to fit that it it had earned the title of Post 500. On this post also is Surprise View and Ashness Bridge, plus our Keswick walks to Friars Crag. Now I’ve been to Friars Crag in all weathers, including some horrific rains last October, but like Grasmere its a go to walk. Early in the morning to wake up a bit, or later in the day walking off a meal, it never fails to deliver. This is an easy walk but come down in the evening and the light can be amazing. All in all this is my perfect “Post 500”.

We’d arrived to a bit of high cloud, but we weren’t worried, the forecast for the week was positive, with hardly any rain and plenty of sun as the week went on. We drove up in the early hours arriving in Keswick around 11am, after some pottering in Keswick we got in car and set off for Surprise View in order to pass the time until we could get into our cottage for the week. This is a lovely spot and gives full length views of Derwent Water
The Lodore Hotel is below and Catbells is on the other side of Derwent Water
Fine views to Skiddaw from up here, Bassenthwaite Lake can also be seen
Just down hill a bit is Ashness Bridge, a honeypot spot
Now to the next day and Grasmere. We’d already had a fine coffee, crepe and fillings in Emma’s Dell before trying to walk off the calories. That’s Loughrigg Fell over there as we set out along the Red Bank road part
Nab Scar rising up as I look across Grasmere itself from an old boathouse
Some of the thicker cloud was down on the higher fells. Seat Sandal is missing its top section over there (I ‘ll be on there later in the week though)
Now then I’ve taken lots of photos for this website but none worse than this, concentrate on the daffodils and ignore the fact that Grasmere is sliding left
That’s better, Helm Crag at the other end of Grasmere and Dunmail Raise is the dip to the right of that
The weir that leaves Grasmere and heads to Rydal Water. We’ve never carried on around Rydal, never needed to. I’ve said we should, many times, in fact I stood here this time and said we should carry on. But I was outvoted again!
Silver How looks superb from this angle across Grasmere
Grasmere and the fells behind it as we walk along the road back to the village
Inside St Oswalds church, probably the first time I’ve been in here
Silver How from St Oswalds, after this we headed back past the gingerbread shop and hotels to the car and headed back to Keswick.
Now a walk out to Friars Crag past the Derwent Water jetties and boathouse
There was a bit of a sunset to the west around Grisedale Pike the boats in the foreground make for a lovely picture
From Friars Crag into Borrowdale along Derwent Water
Finally the boats, boathouse and part of the Skiddaw massif up on the right. An ideal post 500 for me

10 thoughts on “Post 500 – Grasmere and the Lakes

  1. Nice for you all to be back in the Lakes. Hope your cottage was nice. You’ve visited some lovely viewing spots in this post. Ashness Bridge is a real beauty isn’t it. Love your boats photo in Keswick.

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    • These are our go to spots for sure. Aira Force is usually another, but we gave it a break this time around. Cottage was lovely (we’ve stayed in the same one for the last 6 or so years now)


  2. I love that photo of the boats on Derwent Water (3rd from last). Can’t say I ever truly fallen in love with Grasmere, all a bit too touristy for my taste but it is undeniably pretty

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  3. Some iconic views here! I don’t share Andy’s distaste for Grasmere, although from certain directions it can look like one vast carpark, but I’ve enjoyed too many good walks through/from there to dislike it. And then there’s the gingerbread, Dove Cottage, the many fine cafes and the local coop, which can be very handy for supplies.


  4. Congrats on reaching 500 posts! In for the long haul.
    I’ve some catching up to do on the WordPress Reader so looking forward to reading the posts from your recent Lakeland holiday.

    Liked by 1 person

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