Christow, Kiln Down and Rowden Rock

Another day out on the edge of the moor, the north eastern corner of the moor to be precise. I’ve done lots of this walk previously (here), that time I headed straight from Christow up towards Kiln Down and then up towards Bridford. This time I added a section further south to pickup my last two Dartmoor 365 squares in this area. I wasn’t 100% sure of the path south of Canonteign House and falls, but it does head into the woods and there is a gate on the right, through that heading uphill you reach the main track/footpath which runs through the woodland to Shuttamoor. On this walk I must have disturbed 4 or 5 herds of deer in woodlands and as the weather starts to warm I saw plenty of butterflies here as well. There are some tors on this walk as well, spread out admittedly but the Kiln Down one is pretty good, although Rowden Rock was pretty covered in greenery, wrong time of year for this one. By the end of the walk the blue skies were out and it was getting warm, and a pint in The Artichoke is always a good place to finish a walk in this area.

Start – Bridford parking

Route – Christow – Coombe – Wheal Exmouth – Canonteign Falls – Shuttamoor – Tottiford Reservoir – Moor Barton – Kiln Down Tor – Hole – Rowden Rock – Bridford – Copplestone RockBirch Aller MineRookery Brook Tor – Christow

Distance – 12 miles    Start time – 9.45am   Time taken – 6hrs  Highest Point – Kiln Down Tor 270metres

Weather – Cloudy to start then clearer blue skies and warm sun

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Starting out in Christow, this sign is opposite the car park and fields in the village
The church in Christow
Starting out along the lanes, there is a bit of grey cloud above but there are breaks which bodes well
Looking down to the Teign Valley golf course and a lovely view north east
A Green Carpet moth
Through the lanes and woods there was still a strong smell of wild garlic
The first of the Dartmoor 365 squares, Wheal Exmouth
Now a house, but both chimneys are still up including the octagonal one on the right
Shortly followed by Dartmoor 365 square number 2 in Canonteign Falls
You can see part of the falls from the road, centre ish of the photo
In the woodlands bluebells were out, think I’d disturbed at least 2 lots of deer in this section
Heading for Shuttamoor
Nearing Shuttamoor and downhill through some bluebells
Whilst I was in the trees the skies have gone a bit more blue, which is nice
Stopped here for a brew with a nice view to Black Hill and Haytor
I only touched the edge of Tottiford reservoir but it was nice
Heading towards Moor Barton now and some hissing geese, who were protecting their brood. The gorse was smelling fantastic through here
Common Blue butterfly
And a Peacock looking very resplendent
Kiln Down next for me having come from Moor Barton
Kiln Down Tor and another batch of deer scattered as I entered the copse which holds the outcrops, there are 3 or 4 big piles of rocks in here, not a bad tor at all this one.
After having to head away from the path off Kiln Down due to young cows taking far too much interest in me for my liking, I joined the lane towards Hole before turning off towards Rowden Rock. Bridford is just out of shot to the left here as I look east.
Covered in greenery is Rowden Rock, this one is officially out of bounds but there is a great path here from a gate and its easy to get here
Here is the path
Church is Bridford, I’d passed the pub deciding that the one in Christow would be a better option, the sun was cracking the flags now and warming up nicely
I stayed this side of the gate
Lovely vistas east as I head along the road towards Copplestone Rock
Speckled Wood, always very common in these parts
Copplestone Rock, right by the road
Arguably one of the prettiest house in Devon, well in my books anyway, Copplestone Cottage
A lovely pathway of bluebells and views across the Teign Valley
The chimney at the Birch Aller Mine
And the plaque on the chimney. The mine only lasted 5 years here, its seems that all along the Teign Valley they searched for lead and silver looking to pick up that huge lode to make a fortune, this one wasn’t a success
Rookery Brook Tor
And finally back into Christow and a well earned cider in The Artichoke, fab end to a fab walk around a neglected corner of Dartmoor

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