Buckland Abbey and Totnes

A post about a couple of days out for the two of us, firstly to Buckland Abbey, where I used to work and volunteer. Secondly to Totnes and a proper look around this brilliant little town, crammed full of history and around 25 coffee shops. Both places are well worth a visit and give a nice half day outing. In Totnes we had a nice bimble up along the main street and out to the castle, finding plenty to see along the way. Its the first time I have got to have a proper look around Totnes and everything it has to offer. It was nice to take Linda to Buckland Abbey and show her the National Trust property where I worked and volunteered for almost a year. Two lovely days out.

First up is Buckland Abbey, by this point we had been in the house. It changed from an Abbey in the 1500s and had owners such as Sir Francis Drake. The good news was the Rembrandt painting, owned by the house, is back in situ after a couple of years back in Holland.
Buckland Abbey behind Linda, the exterior still has the look of an abbey but you can see the alterations which have taken place
And a selfie by the Abbey entrance
Now in Totnes and looking up the main street and up to at least 20 coffee shops, the other 5 are behind me!!
We both liked this house and the little lane that ran to the left of it
Along the little lane and next to, what looks like, the town walls
The church in Totnes it was lovely inside
The Guildhall next to the church
Just up from the church is the castle, its English Heritage owned so we didn’t go in
After returning back down the main street we headed for the river and took a walk out along the banks. This is the River Dart and I’m looking in the direction of Dartmouth and the sea
Looking the other way to the boats moored. Totnes is a lovely little town to visit and we’ll definitely be back as we loved coming here.

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