Bowermans Nose, Easdon Tor and Manaton Rocks

This is a walk around one of the more popular spots on the eastern side of Dartmoor. The area around Hound Tor is always very busy with plenty of people making the short walk up to Bowerman’s Nose to see the amazing rock structure. We started out from the popular spot of Manaton before heading over Hayne Down, passing Bowerman on our way to Jay’s Grave, we then picked off some D365 squares alongside the odd tor. The lane walking here is always nice and allows for plenty of easy miles to be walked. We next headed up to Easdon Tor and Figgie Daniel, before heading for Manaton and the rocks above the church. This turned out to be our longest walk so far at 12.5 miles and an attempt at getting in some miles, in preparation for our Lake District holiday in May, it worked regarding the distance but the terrain was missing, a coastal walk needed to add in some up and down. The weather was cloudy all day but it was warm, probably for the first time this year when the sun wasn’t shining, however the gorse was starting to give off the lovely honey perfume meaning summer can’t be far off now.

Start – Manaton parking

Route – Manaton ChurchHayne Down – Bowerman’s Nose – Jay’s Grave – Cripton Down Tor – Heathercombe Fisheries – Canna Park – Barramoor – The Watching Place – Beetor CrossHele Cross – Manor Golf Course – Easdon TorFiggie DanielBarracott Tor – Neadon – Manaton Rocks – Manaton Church

Distance – 12.5 miles    Start time – 10.45am   Time taken – 7hrs  Highest Point – Easdon Tor 439 metres

Weather – Cloudy all the way around, warm though

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Manaton church, we’d parked up about 30 mins before the service started, we did pop our heads in but my photo came out blurred unfortunately as the insides are lovely. We’ve both got an interest in buildings, barns, houses and churches and love to have a look at the architecture.
Looking south ish towards Bovey Tracey as we climb the path up on to Hayne Down
Looking back to Manaton and its church as we come out on to Hayne Down
The tors on Hayne Down
Easdon Tor is over there, we will be that way later. Cosdon Hill is back centre
Lots to see from Hayne Down, Haytor is on the left and Rippon Tor is back right with Hound Tor on the right. Plus all the outcrops around you
Hayne Down tors
Just downhill from the last photo stands this fella, Bowerman’s Nose
Hound Tor with Haytor at the back
Lots of these little ones around today as we walk across to Jay’s Grave
Kitty Jay’s grave
We are on Cripton Down now, a slight detour to visit the tor before heading along the lanes to Heathercombe Fisheries
Passing the Heatree Centre first
The Heathercombe Fisheries and the Thine is the Power stone behind, the Kingdom and Glory signs are also around this area and are a Dartmoor 365 square
On the Two Moors way path out from the fisheries
Barramoor another of the D365 squares along these lanes, two more on the way.
The Watching Place and Beetor Cross on the right. This was a location where hangings would take place and people would come to observe
Hele’s Cross, making it three photos and three D365 squares and only a mile or so’s walking
Manor golf course in the grounds of Bovey Castle, which is actually a hotel
Bovey Castle
Bovey Castle can be seen below in a green pastoral setting as we climb to Easdon Tor
Easdon Tor and the trig point with Cosdon Hill in the distance
And south with lots of tors around Haytor. Easdon Tor has one of the best views from a tor on Dartmoor, helped by being slightly separate from the main moor
Along the top from Easdon Tor stands this outcrop called Figgie Daniel, like a slightly more squat version of Bowerman’s Nose
Figgie Daniel from below
This one takes a bit of finding, by dropping down the hill and hopping a gate you get here to Barracott Tor
More of the larger boulders of Barracott Tor are in the trees, plenty of bracken here in the summer so a good one to do now
Turning around we headed into the woodland which leads us to a lane and the hamlet of Langstone and Neadon
Yellow tulips in Langstone
Neadon Hall and Farm another of the D365 squares on offer around this part
Heading for Manaton Rocks now
Manaton Rocks ahead, thread you way through to climb to the top. Again a good one to do when the bracken is down
And the view is revealed beneath you, the church and Haytor in view
Two lambs looking for trouble
Manaton Cross in the grounds of the church, a lovely walk which gave us plenty of steps but not enough climbs to replicate some of the Lakes terrain, needed to plan a coastal walk to follow this one up.
Back at Manaton Church with the cross

10 thoughts on “Bowermans Nose, Easdon Tor and Manaton Rocks

  1. An area very much in my mind recently while I was writing my book Gibbet Hill. Grand mixed countryside, and I maintain that Easdon is the least visited hill on Dartmoor.

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    • No one seems to know the origins of the name, Eric Hemery (High Dartmoor book) in 1983 was the first to name it that. It may have come from the name of a local perhaps, but no one seems to know


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