Aller Brook Outcrop

This is a small scattering of rocks sitting above the Holne Woods and the River Dart, opposite to Vag Hill. It is a short walk away from Venford Reservoir which sits to the south east. The views across to Combestone Tor are good as are those over the Dart valley to Vag Hill. The ground behind the outcrop rises ans to the south there is very little in the way of a view. The easiest way to get here is from Venford Reservoir and following the Aller Brook which run about 50 metres from Aller Brook Outcrop.

Height – 320 metres             OS Grid Reference – SX678719

The boys on Aller Brook Outcrop

Mel Tor across the Dart valley with Aller Brook Outcrop in the foreground

Combestone Tor from Aller Brook Outcrop

Vag Hill from Aller Brook Outcrop which you can see here is just on the edge of the woods