Gobbet Mine

This was a tin mine which ran from 1836 to 1874, yields from the mine were small hence the short running of this mine. Around the area would have been a pre 1700 tin mine (possibly by the Devon Tin Industry 1450-1750), leats, wheel pits and dressing floors, alongside more mine buildings. There are remnants of the wheel pits, leats, dressing floor and some buildings are visible, however the most obvious part is the old adit entrance, now a pipeline for the Venford reservoir, this is build into the side of the hill and clearly seen from the track as well as the large trench next to it.

To the right of the large tree in the centre of the photo is the adit entrance to Gobbet Mine, now a pipeline for Venford Reservoir. The trench is the line of dark green bushes running up from the tree
Gobbet Mine adit entrance