Lower Swincombe Farm

Think of Lower Swincombe Farm and an idyllic wild camping spot comes to mind. Lots of walled fields, tumbled down farmhouse and a river nearby. A tranquil spot indeed. this is also known as John Bishop’s House after a hardy Dartmoor worker who toiled in the nearby tin mines. There is another farm next to this, inventively called Upper Swincombe Farm! The Lower farm only recently fell into disrepair and had a roof until the 1960s. There is also a barn building on the site as well


Swincombe Farm 1

Lower Swincombe Farm

Swincombe Farm 2

The fireplace at Lower Swincombe Farm

Swincombe Farm 3

Swincombe farm below and the bridge to the right through the trees

Swincombe Farm 4

Upper Swincombe Farm