Black Rocks

This is a small collection of rocks sitting beside the Wollake right in the centre of the southern part of Dartmoor. This is a bleak area and one of the most difficult places on the moor to reach. Its difficult to say which way is best however if you have got to Ducks Pool from Whiteworks then another km on will get you here. This is a small collection of rocks on the eastern bank of the Wollake, now I have to stress this is the eastern bank, some other sites have another collection of rocks on the western side down as Black Rocks, however the gospel that is William Crossing names Black Rocks as being on the eastern side of the Wollake. To be honest both are very close to each other so either side is fine really. This clump of rocks on the eastern also includes Philpotts Cave, so when you find that you know you are good. There are no military areas near here.

Height – 420 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX630670          Mark out of 10 – 5.5

Rocks either side of the Wollake

Philpotts Cave

Black Rocks on the eastern bank looking across to the western bank and the rocks over there

Black Rocks, looking in the direction of Ducks pool