Devon and Cornwall are full of many different types of bridge and crossings. Whether it be the fantastic Brunel railway bridge over the Tamar near Plymouth or the small but perfectly formed clapper bridges on Dartmoor. Below is a list of these structures which will be added to as the walks increase.

Becka Brook Clapper Bridge

Bellever Clapper Bridge

Cadover Bridge

Chapel Ford

Cowsic Bridge

Cowsic Bridge B

Doetor Brook Bridge

Dunna Bridge

Fingle Bridge

Harford Bridge

Hill Bridge

Huntingdon Clapper Bridge

Iron Bridge

Leather Tor Bridge

Lyd Bridge and stepping stones

Lydda Bridge

Lydia Bridge

Meldon Pool Bridge

Meldon Viaduct

New Bridge

Norsworthy Bridge

Oakery Bridge

Okehampton Camp Bridge

Postbridge Clapper Bridge

Prince Hall Rocks Bridge

Round Hill Bridge

Sandeman Bridge

Shaugh Bridge

Shipley Bridge

Stannon Farm Bridge

Swincombe Bridge

Teign-e-ver Clapper Bridge

Teignhead Farm Clapper Bridge

The Clam

Two Bridges

Walla Brook Clapper Bridge

West Okement Bridge

Oakery Clapper Bridge

Oakery Clapper Bridge

Teignhead Farm Clapper Bridge 1

Teignhead Farm Clapper Bridge

Swincombe Bridge 3

Swincombe Bridge

Hill Bridge

Prince Hall Rocks Bridge