Bodmin Moor

Even though it isn’t too far from Dartmoor, the tors of Bodmin Moor don’t seem to get the same amount of press that the tors in Devon receive. This for me is a bit of a mistake, whilst they may not have the height of Dartmoor, the highest point being Brown Willy at 420 metres, some of the tors are far more spectacular than those in Devon. Kilmar Tor is a particular example of a huge granite outcrop running for hundreds of metres east to west, with some huge granite boulders included in the stacks. There are 36 tors on Bodmin Moor listed below, plus some hills which have rocky outcrops (which would make 45 tops in all), just like Dartmoor the actual tor number is up for debate!!

Southern & Eastern part of the moor:

  1. Fox Tor, (323m)
  2. Smallacombe Tor (330m)
  3. Carey Tor (270m)
  4. Carneglos Tor (320m)
  5. Hill Tor (324m)
  6. Tregarrick Tor (310m)
  7. Newel Tor (346m)
  8. Trewortha Tor (318m)
  9. Hawk’s Tor – the eastern one (329m)
  10. Kilmar Tor (396m)
  11. Bearah Tor (367m)
  12. Notter Tor (270m)
  13. Sharp Tor (378m)
  14. Stowe’s Hill, including The Cheesewring, (360m)
  15. Tolcarne Tor (217m)

Northern part of the moor:

  1. Rough Tor, including Little Rough (400m)
  2. Maiden Tor (342m)
  3. Alex Tor (291m)
  4. Showery Tor (385m)
  5. Garrow Tor (330m)
  6. Butter’s Tor (316m)
  7. Catshole Tor (346m)
  8. Carkees Tor (281m)
  9. Codda Tor (318m)
  10. Trewint Tor (304m)
  11. Tolborough Tor (348m)
  12. Trekennick Tor (228m)
  13. Brown Willy (420m)
  14. Louden Hill (315m)

Western part of the moor:

  1. Temple Tor (276m)
  2. Carbarrow Tor (270m)
  3. St.Bellarmin’s Tor (268m)
  4. Colvannick Tor (260m)
  5. Cabilla Tor (200m)
  6. Carbilly Tor, including the “other” Cheesewring! (260m)
  7. Hawk’s Tor – the western one (307m)

Others that could be included

  1. Blacktor Downs (268m)
  2. Greymare Rock (278m)
  3. The Beacon (369m)
  4. Bray Down (346m)
  5. Leskernick Hill (329m)
  6. Jubilee Rock (202m)
  7. Lanlavery Rock (313m)
  8. King Arthur’s Bed (305m)
  9. Kit Hill (334m)