The South West of England can be wet and raining (occasionally!!), all that water needs to go somewhere, at times it probably feels like its falling always on Bodmin Moor or Dartmoor! This section includes all those rivers, streams, reservoirs and the brilliantly built leats that hold or carry the water from one place to another. Plus there is a map below to help you not fall into those boggy bits!

Avon Head Mire

Avon Reservoir and Dam

Blacklane Mire

Black Pool

Black Tor Waterfall

Broad Falls

Broad Marsh

Burrator Reservoir and Dam

Cramber Pool

Cranmere Pool

Crazywell Pool

Cullever Steps

Devonport Leat

Drake’s Leat

Duck’s Pool

East Dart Waterfall

Erme Weir

Fernworthy Reservoir and Dam

Fice’s Well

Fitz’s Well and Cross

Foxtor Mire

Henrys Ford

Holne Wood Waterfall

Horsham Steps

Kennick, Tottiford and Trenchford reservoirs

Knack Mine Ford

Laughter Hole Stepping Stones

Manga Rails

Meldon Pool

Meldon Reservoir and Dam

Ockerton Court

Plym Ford

Plym Steps

Sandy Ford (West Okement)

Sharrah Pool

Shilley Pool

Swincombe Reservoir

Taw Marsh

Venford Reservoir and Dam

West Dart Weir

Wheal Friendship leat

Wheal Jewell Reservoir

Yealm Waterfall

Avon Dam

Avon Dam


Henry’s Ford

Wheal Friendship leat

Manga Rails


Erme Weir