Dartmoor 365

Now to those not familiar with Dartmoor they might look at the name of this page and get a bit confused. Well there are 365 square miles of Dartmoor National Park (there has been a bit of conjecture to say its a bit bigger, but don’t bother with that as it spoils it!). A fine fellow by the name of John Hayward has given you 365 places (actually 366 for the leap year, see Parke in the book) to visit on Dartmoor, one for each day. How good is that! A place for every day of the year! Every square mile of the moor covered by a place to visit. Well sort of, some places actually fall into another square but they are near enough, some squares have far better places to visit, but it is John’s list. A bit like Alfred Wainwright, and his 214 list, John’s list should be honoured, after all John Hayward came up with it and it stands for me. Above everything else it is a brilliant way to see everything on Dartmoor, from high tors to waterfalls, crosses and stone rows, villages, lanes, stones, cleaves and bits and bobs. Its a great list and as it suggests you will go across the national park to see them all. The list is below, and as I visit them I will fill in the walk or page that reflects a visit to that place. We all love a collection and a list don’t we.

There is a great book, Dartmoor 365, that can be bought from good book shops which gives some more detail on this list and the places involved.

365 GridSite nameOs Grid Reference
A7Okehampton CastleSX583942
A8Museum Of Dartmoor LifeSX587952
A9Crossing The East OkementSX603947
A10Belstone CleaveSX629938
A11Finch FoundrySX642941
A12South Tawton SX653944
B6Meldon ViaductSX565923
B7Meldon QuarrySX568925
B8Fitz’s Well and CrossSX592938
B9The Nine MaidensSX612928
B10Belstone VillageSX619935
B11Foxes’ HoltSX640924
B12South Zeal SX652935
B13Addiscott CrossSX667933
B18Crockernwell Village (bonus Square)SX753924
B19Cheriton Bishop Cross (bonus square)SX773930
C5Sourton Down CrossSX547917
C6Meldon ResevoirSX563916
C7Red-A-Ven DipSX581912
C8Target RailwaySX593911
C9Cullever StepsSX606921
C10Irishman’s WallSX616918
C11Cosdon RowSX644916
C12Shilley PoolSX653912
C14East Ash ManorSX680911
C15Spinsters’ RockSX701908
C16Blackaller QuarrySX730912
D5Sourton Down CrossSX535903
D6Branscombe’s LoafSX553891
D7High WillhaysSX580892
D8Pixie’s PoolSX585897
D9Oke TorSX613901
D10Steeperton TorSX618888
D11White Moor CircleSX633896
D12Higher ShilstoneSX660901
D14Way DownSX690891
D15Dogmarsh Bridge To Rushford MillSX713893
D16Castle DrogoSX722901
D17Fingle BridgeSX743899
D18Teign Woods Walk 1 To Gr 758 897SX758897
D19Teign Woods Walk 2 To Gr 773 898SX773898
D20Clifford BridgeSX781898
E4Lake ViaductSX534889
E5Rattlebrook RailwaySX546887
E6Snipe In Tiger’s MarshSX555883
E7Lints TorSX579875
E8Dinger TorSX586881
E9Knack Mine FordSX615886
E10Wild TorSX623876
E11The Walla BrookSX635875
E12Scorhill CircleSX655874
E14Holy Street ManorSX689878
E17Cranbrook CastleSX739889
E18Willingstone RockSX753886
E19Mardon DownSX771878
E20St Thomas CleaveSX790884
E21Steps BridgeSX804883
E22Dunsford Mill StepsSX810886
F4High Down FordSX532857
F5Great Links TorSX551867
F6Bleak House , Rattlebrook Peat WorksSX559864
F7Red Grouse On Amicombe Hill SX550890
F8Great KneesetSX589858
F9Ockerton CourtSX603868
F10The Thirlstone On Watern TorSX629868
F11Manga RockSX636858
F12The Teign TolmenSX655871
F13Kestor RockSX665863
F14Hole FarmSX685861
F15Week DownSX712865
F19Hingston RockSX769858
F21Heltor RockSX799870
G3Lydford VillageSX509847
G4Black RockSX533854
G5Widgery Cross On Brat TorSX540856
G6Rattlebrook SX562841
G8598 859 To 595 848 Black Ridge Peat PassSX598859
G9Cranmere Pool LetterboxSX603858
G10Great VarracombeSX627842
G11Teignhead Farm and ClapperSX636844
G12Fernworthy ForestSX646843
G13Fernworthy Reservoir (NE End)SX671843
G15The Watching PlaceSX713842
G16Hele CrossSX721841
G17Bovey CrossSX743847
G19Wray BartonSX770846
G20Blackingstone RockSX786856
G21Kennick ReservoirSX805840
G22Three HolesSX817853
H2502845 to 502 832 – Lydford GorgeSX509845
H3518834 to 516 827 Roadside InformationSX518834
H4Willsworthy RangeSX523833
H5Tavy CleaveSX550830
H6Watern OkeSX564835
H7Amicombe BrookSX575836
H8Fur TorSX588831
H9Cut HillSX599827
H10Statt’s HouseSX622824
H11Grey WethersSX638831
H12Fernworthy Reservoir (Sw End)SX662839
H13Hurston RowSX673824
H14East Bovey HeadSX693828
H15West CoombeSX709825
H17North BoveySX740839
H21Trenchford ReservoirSX805823
H22Tottiford ReservoirSX812828
H23Wheal ExmouthSX838831
I1North BrentorSX482813
I2Gibbet HillSX504812
I3Wheal BetsySX510814
I4Wheal Jewell ReservoirSX523813
I5Cataloo StepsSX540812
I6Western Red LakeSX567825
I7Walkham Head Peat PassSX578815
I8Tavy HoleSX583817
I9Cowflop BottomSX615815
I10East Dart WaterfallSX627810
I11The SheepfoldSX645808
I12Wall’s EndSX656815
I13Warren House InnSX674809
I14The Four AcesSX684813
I16725808 + 718 811 , 717 808 The Heathercombe FishesSX725808
I17Whooping RockSX729823
I19Lustleigh CleaveSX768811
I21Bullaton FarmSX801821
I22Great Rock MineSX819817
I23Canonteign FallsSX832824
J1Brent TorSX470805
J2 GorseSX495800
J3The Elephant’s NestSX517800
J4Hill BridgeSX532803
J5Bagga TorSX548805
J6Limsboro’ CairnSX566805
J7Upper Walkham ValleySX572806
J8Beardown ManSX597797
J9Brown’s HouseSX615798
J10Rowter MoorSX623799
J11William DonaghySX640800
J12Merripit HillSX658803
J13Golden Dagger MineSX685800
J14The Legend Of Chaw GullySX687808
J15708 804 to 706 795 Hamel DownSX708804
J16Jay’s GraveSX732799
J17Bowerman’s NoseSX742804
J18Becka FallsSX760800
J19Trendlebere DownSX773794
J20Hisley BridgeSX780800
K3Mary TavySX509787
K4Stephen’s GraveSX536781
K5The LangstoneSX550787
K6556 779 and 556 782 Langstone MoorSX556779
K7Two TracksSX580790
K8Travellers’ FordSX592785
K9Crow TorSX606788
K10Higher White TorSX620785
K11The Hairy HandsSX640781
K13Ephraim’s PinchSX677785
K15706 792 to 708 788 Hameldown BeaconSX706792
K17Hound TorSX743790
K18Haytor Granite TramwaySX758778
K19764786 to 780773 Bound Stones Haytor DownSX764786
K20Yarner WoodSX789788
L2Evergreen Alkanet At WilminstoneSX495762
L3Headlands Farm CrossSX516762
L4Cox TorSX531762
L5Great Staple TorSX542760
L6Great Mis TorSX562770
L7Black DunghillSX581774
L8Holming BeamSX589773
L9Wistman’s WoodSX612773
L10Powder MillsSX628774
L11Bellever TorSX645764
L12Bellever BridgeSX658773
L13New Walls For Old Near CatorSX681763
L14Lower Cator BridgeSX690764
L16Southcombe CrossSX716765
L17Hemsworthy GateSX742761
L18Hay Tor Main QuarrySX760774
L19Haytor ValeSX772772
M3Guide StonesSX512752
M4Wheelwright’s StoneSX536748
M5Sett Makers’ BankersSX542753
M6Merrivale AntiquitiesSX555747
M7Fice’s WellSX577759
M8Leat MeetSX598753
M9602 753 and 608 750 Three BridgesSX602753
M10Crockern TorSX616757
M11Dunnabridge PoundSX646746
M12Winford StepsSX662757
M17Blackslade ManorSX740756
M18Rippon TorSX746756
M19Bagtor MillSX768755
M20Five CrossSX782749
M21Look And WeepSX808757
N2Pixie’s CrossSX501736
N3Whitchurch DownSX509742
N4Windy PostSX534743
N5Vixen TorSX542743
N6Swell Tor Quarry – LeftoversSX567733
N7Devil’s ElbowSX581729
N8Ockery BridgeSX595742
N9The Crock Of GoldSX614731
N10Prince Hall BridgeSX626738
N11Gobbet MineSX647727
N12Jolly Lane CottageSX656727
N13The Coffin StoneSX677733
N14The Money PitSX682738
N16Buckland In The MoorSX721731
N17Buckland BeaconSX734731
N18Rippon Tor Rifle RangeSX750738
N19Sigford – Lamb’s Lettuce , Lady’s LaceSX777739
N20Ramshorn DownSX792739
O2Grenofen TunnelSX493716
O3Plaster DownSX516723
O4Sampford SpineySX534724
O5Ward BridgeSX542720
O6Princetown RailwaySX553718
O7Black Tor FallsSX575716
O8South Hessary TorSX597723
O9Devonport Leat Near Peat CottSX610718
O10Swincombe ReservoirSX632718
O11641725 & 643 725 John Bishop , Dolly TrebbleSX641725
O12Beara House And The MillSX662723
O13Hangman’s PitSX672715
O14Jan Coo Of Rowbrook FarmSX684725
O15Higher UppacottSX702728
O16Buckland BridgeSX719719
O17Welstor CrossSX739721
O18Belford MillSX754715
O19Owlacombe CrossSX765722
O20Hook’s CrossSX779726
P1Double Waters (bonus square)SX476699
P2Magpie ViaductSX504701
P4Huckworthy BridgeSX531705
P5Walkhampton Church HouseSX537702
P6Leather TorSX565698
P7Crazywell PoolSX582704
P8Cramber PoolSX589711
P9Nun’s CrossSX605699
P10Childe’s TombSX626703
P11Ter HillSX642706
P12Hooten WhealsSX656707
P13Horn’s CrossSX669711
P14Venford ReservoirSX686712
P15Deeper MarshSX714712
P16Holne BridgeSX730705
P17River Dart Country ParkSX733702
P19Linhay Hill Quarry SX770710
Q3Harrowbeer DownSX508686
Q5Burrator DamSX551680
Q6Norsworthy Blowing HouseSX568696
Q7Cuckoo RockSX585687
Q8Hingston HillSX587693
Q9Plym FordSX610684
Q10Cater’s BeamSX628690
Q11Nakers HillSX640690
Q12Aune HeadSX650695
Q16Hembury CastleSX725684
Q17Summerhill LaneSX743694
R4Roborough DownSX516671
R5The Meavy OakSX540672
R6Sheepstor VillageSX560676
R7Yellowmead CirclesSX576678
R9Deadman’s BottomSX607666
R10Duck’s PoolSX626679
R11Redlake PitSX646669
R12Huntingdon Warren FarmSX665669
R13Keble Martin’s ChapelSX666666
R14Dean Burn ClapperSX698665
R15699 668 and 700 666 Cross FurzesSX699668
R16Stumpy Oak And Hawson CrossSX710682
R17Buckfast AbbeySX741674
S4Skylarks At ClearbrookSX521655
S5China Clay PoolsSX553652
S6Brisworthy CircleSX565655
S7Legis TorSX571655
S8Ditsworthy Warren HouseSX584663
S9Grim’s GraveSX612664
S10Langcombe HillSX620663
S11Erme PoundSX638656
S12653654 and 664 662 Boundary CrossesSX653654
S13Avon Dam , ReservoirSX679652
S14Water Oak CornerSX685660
S15Wallaford DownSX709658
S16Wallaford CrossSX724656
T4Shaugh BridgeSX533636
T5The DewerstoneSX539637
T7Little Trowelsworthy TorSX577646
T8Penn Beacon And Shell TopSX599629
T9Yealm HeadSX614649
T10Yealm StepsSX617636
T11The DancersSX635644
T12Petre’s PitsSX659648
T13665646 to 672 633 Zeal Tor TramwaySX665646
T14Brentmoor HouseSX693635
T15Moor CrossSX704640
U5Shaugh PriorSX543631
U8Cholwichtown WasteSX586626
U9High House WasteSX611632
U10Stalldon RowSX632624
U11Hillson’s HouseSX636623
U12Three BarrowsSX653626
U14Shipley BridgeSX681628
U15Bloody PoolSX703626
V10New WasteSX625612
V11Tristis RockSX639601
V12Piles HillSX654607
V13Corringdon Ball Gate , BarrowSX670613
V14Lydia BridgeSX696606
V15South BrentSX698602
W10Hall FarmSX631597
W12Spurrell’s Cross And Redlake TramwaySX659599
W13Ugborough BeaconSX669591
W14Lady’s WoodSX678591
X11Stowford BridgeSX641568
X12Western BeaconSX654575

There is also a website here and a map here