My most visited places

Below is a quick table of my most visited places so far. Whether it be a tor, a historical or water based site, a bridge or building. I’ll try to keep this table updated as often as I can and the below is correct as of August 2022. So it includes our Covid periods which may skew the results a bit towards the south west of Dartmoor!!

Looking at my results the majority of walks are on Dartmoor, although the Lake District and South West Coastal Path keep increasing their numbers, also the Dartmoor 365 walks have added to the overall Dartmoor walks with there own category. I like both Norsworthy Bridge and Shipley Bridge as starting points (although with charging now in place at Shipley Bridge I can see this one falling. They both feature highly, with Norsworthy Bridge being my starting out point for Down Tor, which is my favourite and still high on my list of climbed tors. The Dewerstone, Cadover and Shaugh Bridges show the circular walk that I do most years, linking that great Plym valley walk. There is also the Devonport Leat at the top of the list, running from north of Princetown all the way to Burrator showing the area that I walk in most. It is no surprise that the south west corner of Dartmoor is my go to place on Dartmoor, living in Plymouth I guess that is to be expected. The Cox Tor entry could be because of the great sunset walks I do in June and I’m a massive fan of Roos Tor also. Pil Tor will no doubt be in there due to the number of tors in the area which provide a great way of ticking off ten tors in a short walk, compared to other parts of the moor. Finally the East Dart walk to the waterfall and back is a brilliant way of exploring some of the wilder parts of the moor, starting and finishing in Postbridge, will mean refreshments at the end of the walk as well as the very popular Postbridge clapper bridge..

  Place visited                                                                                                                     No of visits

Devonport Leat 17
Norsworthy Bridge 12
Shipley Bridge 11
Burrator parking 11
Cadover Bridge parking 11
Avon Reservoir and Dam 10
Two Moors Way 10
Merrivale parking 10
Postbridge Clapper Bridge 9
Ditsworthy Warren House 9
Cadover Bridge 9
Two Bridges parking 9
Cox Tor 8
Dewerstone 8
Burrator Reservoir and Dam 8
Butterdon Hill Stone Row 8
Shaugh Bridge 8
Bel Tor Corner parking 8
Eylesbarrow 7
Roos Tor 7
Crockern Tor 7
Down Tor 7
East Dart Waterfall 7
Pil Tor 7