My most visited places

Below is a quick table of my most visited places so far. Whether it be a tor, a historical or water based site, a bridge or building. I’ll try to keep this table updated as often as I can and the below is correct as of January 2018

Looking at this table it is clear that I like both Norsworthy Bridge and Down Tor and they both feature highly, with Norsworthy Bridge being my starting out point for Down Tor, which is my favourite and most climbed tor alongside nearby Eylesbarrow. The Dewerstone, Cadover and Shaugh Bridges show the circular walk that I do most years, linking that great Plym valley walk. Top of the list is the Devonport Leat and running from north of Princetown all the way to Burrator shows the area that I walk in most. This being the south west corner of Dartmoor, living in Plymouth I guess that is to be expected. A couple of unexpected tors stick out in the form of Crockern Tor and Hangershell Rock, which I’m pleased about as first I love the ridge from Crockern to Longaford Tor. And secondly I’m starting to love the area north of Ivybridge, particularly in the summer evenings in which Hangershell Rock sits.

  Place visited                                                                                          No of visits

Devonport Leat 10
Norsworthy Bridge 8
Shipley Bridge 6
Eylesbarrow 5
Down Tor 5
Ditsworthy Warren House 5
Dewerstone 5
Cadover Bridge 4
Shaugh Bridge 4
Crockern Tor 4
Avon Dam and Reservoir 4
Burrator Reservoir and Dam 4
East Dart Waterfall 4
Hangershell Rock 4