Dartmoor Tors

Below is a list of the Dartmoor Tors and hills in alphabetical order with the corresponding OS map reference and height in metres. You’ll also find a map with all the tors/hills/rocks in the list marked with a pin to help you firstly know where it is and also know where surrounding places are to link them into a walk. Dartmoor is famous for its tors, however as you will see in the below list it has a fair number of hills as well. I have also included a number of named rocks, most of these can be seen on an OS map and plenty are also on the old Tithe maps. Each tor/hill/rock below (there’s 500 of them!) has a link to a separate page giving a bit more info about that tor, such as its height and grid reference, how to get there, some photos and whether to be wary of any military firing ranges. I have also given each tor a mark out of 10, this is based on the view of and from the tor, alongside the walk to get there, isolation and general feeling of the place, it will be my choice and for no reason I might have two tors 100 metres apart with different scores, but that’s my choice!

There are lots of resources on the internet which point to lists of tors and I’m trying to gather a good list of summits to visit here. My list is no better or worse than others and where I find another worthy outcrop for the list I will add it, in fact I’ve had at least 3 lists now, adding plenty to it and also taking a fair few away. Those I have left out are my personal preference, are on private land or not worthy of this list in my opinion because some outcrops are becoming nothing more than something equivalent to a rockery in a garden, so they aren’t for me. I’ve taken inspiration for my list from Ken Ringwood’s brilliant book, alongside other lists that can be found on the internet, so here you have the Foster 500 Tor list, which hopefully will be my final attempt at this list. For a list of tors and hills in height order click here.

Sharpitor taken from Leather tor

Sharpitor taken from Leather Tor

Gazeteer of Dartmoor Tors

Name of Tor Grid Reference Height (m)
Aish Tor SX702715 283
Aller Brook Outcrop SX678719 316
Aller Down Copse Tor SX810802 135
Arch Tor SX633782 411
Arms Tor SX541682 460
Ash Tor SX742875 250
Ashbury Tor SX604940 301
Assycombe Hill SX664820 497
Ausewell Rocks SX735717 316
Badgers Holt SX672734 245
Bag Tor SX762757 342
Bagga Tor SX548806 369
Balstone Wood Tor SX476694 100
Barn Hill Rocks SX533746 332
Barracott Tor SX739820 350
Beadon Rock SX820813 225
Bearacleave Tor SX816797 175
Beardown Tor SX602773 513
Becka Brook Tor SX752788 260
Bel Tor SX696730 354
Bell Tor SX730778 412
Bellever Tor SX644764 443
Belstone Common Tor SX615923 450
Belstone Tor SX614920 479
Bench Tor SX691717 313
Berra Tor SX478690 132
Big Rock SX526799 235
Birch Tor SX686814 487
Black Dunghill SX580774 492
Black Hill (Near Cranmere Pool) SX604847 584
Black Hill (Near Haytor) SX762789 406
Black Rock SX532853 315
Black Rocks SX630670 420
Black Tor (Okehampton Common) SX566894 488
Black Tor (Shipley Bridge) SX678635 320
Black Tor (Walkhampton Common) SX573717 369
Blacka Tor SX694784 380
Blackadon Tor SX711733 270
Blackalder Tor SX567616 230
Blackator Rocks SX666750 280
Blackingstone Rock SX786855 345
Blackslade Rock SX725752 321
Blakey Tor SX612736 368
Bonehill Rocks SX731774 393
Bottor Rock SX826804 244
Boulters Tor SX524780 332
Bovey Rock SX730766 345
Bowden Tor SX816803 235
Brake Tor SX780813 124
Branscombes Loaf SX553891 532
Brat Tor SX539855 450
Brent Hill SX703617 311
Brent Tor SX470803 325
Brimhill Tor SX516794 210
Broad Rock SX618672 453
Broada Stones SX617817 493
Broadown Tor SX622799 510
Broadun Rocks SX630802 455
Brousentor SX547807 330
Buck Tor SX478697 70
Buckland Beacon SX734731 383
Bullaton Rock SX796821 248
Burra Tor SX552679 235
Butterdon Hill (Drewsteignton) SX750884 351
Butterdon Hill (Ivybridge) SX655586 365
Buttern Hill SX652885 413
Cadworthy Tor SX541641 232
Callisham Tor SX538664 222
Calveslake Tor SX608676 398
Cathanger Rock SX683749 394
Cator SX670777 340
Chalk Ford Rocks SX685680 250
Challacombe Down SX689804 462
Chat Tor SX555852 542
Cherrybrook Rocks SX621795 450
Chinkwell Tor SX729781 458
Church Rock SX558753 391
Claig Tor SX549677 230
Clan Tor SX673742 274
Clay Tor SX570780 440
Cleave Tor SX609940 293
Click Tor SX580684 285
Cocks Hill SX568789 501
Coffin Wood Tor SX539810 255
Cold Moor Tor SX744773 330
Collard Tor SX557620 251
Combestone Tor SX670718 350
Combshead Tor SX587688 365
Conies Down Tor SX589791 520
Coombe Down Tor SX704822 406
Copplestone Rock SX816876 186
Corn Tor SX549890 521
Corndon North Tor SX687747 394
Corndon Tor SX685741 432
Cosdon Hill SX636915 550
Cox Tor SX530761 442
Cramber Tor SX583712 418
Crane Hill SX621690 471
Creber’s Rock SX664586 323
Crip Tor SX554726 266
Cripton Down Tor SX734807 370
Crockern Tor SX616757 403
Croft Tor SX776809 179
Crow Tor SX606787 494
Crownhill Tor SX576609 220
Cuckoo Rock SX584687 320
Cut Hill SX598827 604
Deancombe Rocks SX585684 296
Devils Tor SX596796 546
Dewerstone Rock SX537638 198
Dinger Tor SX586881 550
Doccombe Rock SX779874 315
Doe Tor SX541848 405
Dogmarsh South Tor SX716895 130
Down Ridge SX652716 429
Down Tor SX580694 360
Easdon Tor SX729823 439
East Hill SX595938 350
East Mill Tor SX599897 513
East Tor (Sourton) SX539897 380
Easterndown Copse Tor SX820818 196
Eastern Tor SX584665 330
Eastern White Barrow SX664651 474
Elsford Rock SX786829 280
Emsworthy Rocks SX750769 410
Eylesbarrow SX599686 454
Feather Tor SX534741 309
Figgie Daniel SX733823 420
Fishlake Rocks SX639680 453
Fitches Holt SX751768 410
Flat Tor SX607816 539
Foggin Tor SX566735 412
Fordsland Ledge SX575888 580
Fox Tor (Fox Tor Mires) SX626697 438
Foxworthy Tor SX761821 321
Frenchbeer Rock SX671854 385
Fur Tor SX587830 572
Fur Tor (Walkhampton) SX564724 337
Furze Park Tor SX775845 235
Ger Tor SX546830 422
Gibbet Hill SX503811 353
Gibby Combe Tor SX687687 230
Gidleigh Tor SX670877 332
Gladstone Rock SX802812 210
Gradner Rocks SX781802 165
Great Combe Tor SX523775 281
Great Gnats Head SX616679 469
Great Kneeset SX589858 568
Great Links Tor SX550867 589
Great Mis Tor SX562769 539
Great Nodden SX538874 436
Great Parford Tor SX725890 220
Great Rock SX821818 205
Great Rock Copse Tor SX824813 200
Great Staple Tor SX542760 455
Great Trowlesworthy Tor SX579643 350
Great Warmpit Copse Tor SX797817 162
Greator Rocks SX747786 369
Green Hill SX635678 473
Green Tor SX561863 541
Gren Tor SX551879 512
Grippers Hill SX685655 395
Gutter Tor SX577668 345
Hameldown Beacon SX708789 517
Hameldown Tor SX702805 529
Hammerslake Tor SX772815 223
Hampster Tor SX579894 615
Hangershell Rock SX654593 349
Hangingstone Hill SX616861 604
Hare Tor SX550842 531
Hare Tor (Peter Tavy) SX551790 436
Hart Tor (Okehampton Common) SX601911 433
Hart Tor (Walkhampton Common) SX581720 386
Hartland Tor SX641799 405
Harton Chest SX766818 265
Hawkmoor Rocks SX805809 170
Hawks Tor SX553625 274
Hayne Down SX743801 396
Haytor SX756770 454
Heckwood Tor SX537738 313
Hedge Tor SX734786 410
Heltor Rock SX799870 302
Hen Tor SX593652 411
Herne Hole Tor SX578745 496
Hexton Tor SX581637 330
High Willhays SX580891 621
Higher Castor SX799817 235
Higher Dunna Goat SX557865 558
Higher Hartor Tor SX599677 410
Higher Hisley Tor SX778806 195
Higher Knowle Wood SX793807 165
Higher Swincombe Rocks SX634719 340
Higher Tor SX613917 465
Higher White Tor SX618785 525
Highfield House Tor SX781816 150
Hingston Hill SX586691 371
Hingston Rocks SX769857 311
Hockinston Tor SX695719 220
Hole Rock SX758784 387
Hollow Tor (Blackslade Down) SX731672 370
Hollow Tor (Rundlestone) SX570745 472
Hollowpark Rock SX808847 290
Holwell Bridge Boulders SX746776 325
Holwell Rocks SX740776 392
Holwell Tor SX751775 387
Homerton Hill SX561905 393
Honeybag Tor SX728787 440
Hookney Tor SX698812 493
Hound Tor (Manaton) SX741790 410
Hound Tor (Throwleigh) SX629890 495
Huccaby Tor SX656739 349
Hucken Tor SX549738 300
Hunt Tor SX556874 562
Hunters Tor (Drewsteignton) SX721897 170
Hunters Tor (Lustleigh) SX760824 310
Huntingdon Warren SX662669 474
Hurston Castle Tor SX683833 339
Ingra Tor SX554721 338
Ide House Tor SX782812 117
Ivy Tor SX628936 260
John Canns Rocks SX814798 142
Kelly Mine Tor SX796818 170
Kennick East Tor SX805844 270
Kennon Hill SX642893 478
Kents Tor SX517793 190
Kes Tor SX664862 437
Kiln Down Tor SX825841 270
King Tor SX708814 488
Kings Tor SX556738 388
Kingshead Tor SX710779 438
Kit Rocks SX613826 520
Kitty Tor SX567873 585
Knattaborough Tor SX610909 433
Knowle Rocks SX791809 157
Lakehead Hill SX643775 420
Langcombe Hill SX622655 468
Langworthy Tor SX705768 390
Latchell Tor SX758809 250
Laughter Tor SX652756 413
Leather Tor SX562699 370
Lee Moor SX602645 493
Leeden Tor SX563717 390
Legis Tor SX570655 305
Leigh Tor SX710714 175
Leighon Tor SX758786 382
Leign Valley Tor SX782875 285
Leusdon Tor SX709733 275
Linscott Tor SX740872 210
Lints Tor SX579874 488
Littaford Tor SX616769 440
Little Bee Tor SX615771 455
Little Castor SX799817 190
Little Combe Tor SX521777 235
Little Cox Tor SX526762 373
Little Down Tor SX576694 318
Little Emsworthy SX748773 351
Little Gnats Head SX608674 408
Little Hen Tor SX598656 419
Little Holwell Tor SX749775 372
Little Hound Tor SX632899 490
Little Kes Tor SX666868 390
Little Kings Tor SX553739 345
Little Kneeset SX585841 507
Little Links Tor SX547869 518
Little Longaford Tor SX616775 470
Little Mis Tor SX563763 482
Little Pepperdon SX776853 330
Little Roos Tor SX549767 396
Little Sharp Tor SX685732 351
Little Staple Tor SX538753 380
Little Tor SX589906 522
Little Trowlesworthy Tor SX576646 338
Little White Tor SX538787 418
Little Whiten Tor SX615787 508
Lizwell Rock SX713736 200
Logwell Rock SX710734 265
Long Heales Tor SX753796 245
Longaford Tor SX615779 500
Longash Tor SX551744 320
Longstone Hill SX567910 412
Longtimber Tor SX509782 154
Long Cleave Tor SX805810 200
Lower Castor SX799816 205
Lower Dunna Goat Tor SX557863 549
Lower Hartor Tor SX603675 391
Lower Leather Tor SX562698 323
Lower Leighon Tor SX758790 337
Lower Nap Tor SX751798 285
Lower Shaptor SX809806 190
Lower Top Tor SX734765 400
Lower Tor SX611916 451
Lower White Tor SX618792 502
Lowery Tor SX557697 335
Luckey Tor SX684720 200
Lutton Tor SX700614 255
Lydford Tor SX598781 505
Lynch Tor SX564806 517
Maiden Hill SX588794 543
Maiden Tor SX563681 309
Manaton Rocks SX747815 327
Manga Rock SX636857 457
Mardon Down SX767873 356
Master Rock SX522808 300
Mel Tor SX693725 332
Meldon Hill SX695861 390
Merripit Hill SX657803 449
Metheral Hill SX623896 458
Middle Down Tor SX639939 240
Middle Staple Tor SX540756 425
Middle Stonelands Tor SX816801 170
Middle Tor SX669857 410
Middleworth Tor SX571692 255
Nakers Hill SX640688 483
Narrow Tor SX567684 340
Nat Tor SX545823 342
Nattadon Tor SX703866 320
Neadon Cleave North Tor SX755820 230
Neadon Cleave Summit Tor SX755818 250
Neadon Cleave South Tor SX758815 215
North Park Tor SX672877 280
Northcombe Copse Tor SX805806 195
North Hessary Tor SX578742 517
North Tor SX690719 310
Oke Tor SX612900 455
Okement Hill SX602877 566
Old Hill Tor SX664630 375
Ottery Tor (Ladybrook Tor) SX624923 400
Over Tor SX557752 370
Owlacombe Burrow Rock SX776776 328
Parsons Brown Loaf SX781817 155
Parford Brake Tor SX729884 200
Pathfields Tor SX782814 115
Pathfields Northwest Tor SX781814 105
Peek Hill SX556699 394
Penn Beacon SX599629 429
Pepperdon Down Rocks SX779852 350
Pepperdon Hole Rocks SX773847 215
Pepperdon Rocks SX777849 323
Pew Tor SX532734 318
Pil Tor SX734759 417
Piles Hill SX653608 387
Pin Tor SX755887 314
Pinchaford Ball SX764764 376
Pixey Copse Tor SX810804 145
Plat Tor SX745794 306
Prince Hall Rocks SX616742 342
Prowtytown Rocks SX529745 306
Pupers Hill SX672673 463
Quickbeam Hill SX656647 462
Quintins Man SX620838 552
Rabbits Tor SX633698 423
Raven’s Tor (Lydford) SX504840 170
Ravens Tor (Lustleigh) SX761819 250
Rectory Tor SX757862 178
Rippon Tor SX746755 473
Rival Tor SX642881 421
Roborough Rock SX515671 201
Rock Copse Tor SX815803 200
Rook Tor SX602616 293
Rookery Brook Tor SX824861 145
Rooks Hole Tor SX812803 185
Roos Tor SX543765 440
Rose Cottage Rocks SX778847 315
Rough Tor SX605798 547
Rough Tor (Burrator) SX574685 302
Round Hill Tor SX605740 359
Rowdon Rock SX812859 234
Rowden Tor SX699758 353
Rowtor SX592916 462
Royal Hill SX618726 407
Rugglestone Rock SX724764 265
Rundlestone Tor SX575746 488
Ryders Hill SX659690 515
Saddle Tor SX750763 415
Saddlesborough SX558632 303
Sampford Tor SX531731 290
Sanduck Grove Tor SX733827 194
Sandy Hole Rocks SX622814 500
Scarey Tor SX607924 362
Scorbitor SX724749 308
Scorhill Tor SX658871 380
Seamans Borough Rocks SX763899 120
Setters Rocks SX532779 361
Shadyback Tor SX566649 250
Shapley Tor SX698820 487
Shaptor Rock SX809808 259
Sharp Tor (Dartmeet) SX686730 370
Sharp Tor (Drewsteignton) SX728898 194
Sharp Tor (Lydford) SX550848 515
Sharp Tor (Peter Tavy) SX524770 343
Sharp Tor (Tavy Cleave) SX554834 421
Sharp Tor (Ugborough Moor) SX648617 414
Sharpitor (Burrator) SX559703 406
Sharpitor (Lustleigh) SX771814 247
Shaugh Beacon SX543634 244
Shavercombe Tor SX593661 361
Sheeps Tor SX565681 366
Shell Top SX598638 475
Shelstone Tor SX557898 403
Shillyrock SX792851 315
Shilstone Tor SX658901 323
Shipley Tor SX685631 297
Shovel Stone SX734763 408
Sittaford Tor SX633829 538
Skir Hill SX650703 473
Slade Copse Tor SX797812 150
Slade Rocks SX804838 267
Slipper Stones SX562888 446
Smallacombe Rock SX541868 418
Smallacombe Rocks SX755782 378
Smith Hill Tor SX523787 260
Smearn Down Tors SX522781 325
Snappers Tor SX573693 280
Snowdon SX667684 495
Sonny Copse Tor SX810806 205
Sourton Tor SX543898 440
South Down SX555912 374
South Hessary Tor SX596723 445
South Devils Tor SX597793 537
Spitchwick Common Tor SX673749 284
Stacombe Tor SX776874 335
Stalldown Barrow SX635623 413
Standon Hill SX556815 481
Stannon Tor SX646811 462
Steeperton Tor SX618887 525
Stenga Tor SX568880 537
Stingers Hill SX631660 423
Stone Park Tor SX671748 265
Stone Tor SX648857 410
Stonelands Stack SX812803 170
Stonelands Tor SX815798 155
Stonelands Waste Tor SX818799 195
Stoneslade Tor SX709782 460
Strane Tor SX615716 367
Swell Tor SX560733 395
Tavy Cleave Tor SX553833 410
Ter Hill SX642704 481
The Cliff SX626936 265
The Nutcracker SX743753 440
Thornworthy Tor SX663851 414
Three Barrows SX652626 464
Top Tor SX735762 423
Tor Rocks SX641590 232
Tors End Tor SX614926 412
Trenchford Tor SX802829 240
Trendlebere Tor SX767800 190
Tristis Rock SX638601 260
Tunhill Rocks SX731757 380
Twizzle Tree Tor SX826815 165
Two Bridges Quarry Tor SX609750 354
Ugborough Beacon SX668591 371
Underhill Tor SX700612 240
Uppacott Down SX738889 336
Upperton Tor (Broadmoor Common) SX761899 120
Vag Hill Tor SX675724 280
Virtuous Lady Crags SX474698 65
Vixen Tor SX541742 317
Wacka Tor SX662621 406
Watchet Hill SX615930 383
Water Cleave Tor SX761814 205
Water Hill SX671813 489
Water Rock SX766808 205
Watern Tor SX628869 526
Wedlake Tor SX538778 359
Welstor Rock SX737730 372
West Mill Tor SX587909 530
West Shaptor SX807808 220
Western Beacon SX653576 332
Western White Barrow SX653654 481
Whiddon Wood Tor SX727893 260
Whiddon Park Tor SX724897 210
Whiddon Park House Tor SX718893 160
White Hill SX533838 390
White Ridge Tor SX646817 483
White Tor SX542786 465
Whitehill Tor SX574615 200
Whitehorse Hill SX616854 601
Whittenknowles Rocks SX585671 337
Wigford Down SX546650 271
Wild Tor SX622877 531
Willingstone Rock SX753887 298
Wind Tor SX707757 372
Winneys Down SX621825 534
Winter Tor SX609915 421
Wittaburrow SX733752 402
Wollake Tor SX632670 432
Wood Hill Higher Tor SX790872 290
Wood Hill Lower Tor SX790874 270
Woodcock Tor SX549875 512
Wooder Goyle Rocks SX715778 360
Wray Barton Tor SX774847 230
Wray Cleave Wood Tor SX776843 260
Wray Cleave Middle Tor SX776841 240
Wray Cleave South Tor SX776840 235
Yar Tor SX677740 410
Yealm Rocks SX616638 355
Yes Tor SX580901 619
Yes Tor (Walkhampton) SX563726 319
Yonder Tor SX621698 426
Yonder Piphole Tor SX746792 300

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