Clearly this list could go on forever but these buildings will be ones that we have visited which has included a walk around the grounds such as a National Trust house or a long since rundown farm house in the middle of nowhere such as that at Nun’s Cross. Again this list will expand the more I see!.

Beehive Hut

Bleak House

Brentmoor House

Castle Drogo

Deancombe Farm

Ditsworthy Warren House

Gobbet Mine

Hillson’s House

John Bishops House

Longstone Manor

Laughter Hole Farm

Leathertor Farm

Mary Tavy Hydro Power Station

Middleworth Farm

Nun’s Cross Farm


Princetown mast

Rowtor Target Railway

Stannon Farm

Starch Factory

Statts House

Swincombe Farm

Teignhead Farm

Tom Brown’s House

Wheal Betsy


Willsworthy Firing Range

Nun's Cross Farm

Nun’s Cross Farm

Longstone Manor

Powdermills 3