Devon and Cornwall is littered with historic sites, whether it be the tin mines in Cornwall or on Dartmoor, ancient stone rows and settlements, Bronze Age sites and menhirs (standing stones) or perhaps the historic crosses on the Abbots Way. All these will be listed here and there’s lots of them!

Assycombe Stone Row

Beardown Man

Bennet’s Cross

Berry Pound

Blackaton Cross

Bowerman’s Nose

Brisworthy Stone Circle

Buckland Pound

Burford Stone Row

Butterdon Hill Stone Row

Buttern Hill Stone Circle

Cadover Cross

Castle Drogo

Cave Penney Memorial

Challacombe Stone Row

Childe’s Tomb

Cosdon Stone Row

Cranbrook Castle

Crazywell Cross

Crock of Gold

Cross Gate Cross

Devonport Leat Cross

Down Tor Stone Row


Drywell Cross

Dunnabridge Pound

Eylesbarrow Tin Mine

Fernworthy Stone Circle

Goldsmith’s Cross

Grey Wethers


Hameldon Cross

Hangman’s Pit

Haytor Tramway

Headless Cross

Hobajons Cross

Hooten Wheels

Horn’s Cross

Hunters Stone

Huntingdon Cross

Ice Factory

Irishmans Wall

Jays Grave

Lakehead Hill Stone row and circles

Langstone Moor Circle and Stone Row

Laughter Tor Stone Row


Marchants Cross

Mardon Down Stone Circle

Merrivale Stone Circle and Row

Mount Misery Cross

Newleycombe Cross

Nine Maidens

Northmore Cross

Ouldsbroom Cross


Ringmoor Down Row and Stone Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle

Shaden Moor Cross

Sheepstor Cross

Sittaford Stone Circle

Siwards Cross

Skir Ford Cross

Spurrells Cross

Staldon Stone Circle and Row

Stalldown Stone Row

Stephens Grave

Ten Commandments Stones

Terrill Posts

The Longstone

Tolmen Stone

Tor Quarry

Trowlesworthy Stone Row

Vitifer Tin Mine

Whealham Bottom Cross

Whit Moor Stone Circle

Whooping Rock

Widgery Cross

Windy Post

Yellowmead Stone Circle

Down Tor Stone Row

Down Tor Stone Row

Crazywell Cross

Assycombe Stone Row

Cave Penney

Cave Penney Memorial

Yellowmead stone circle

Wild Tor 28

The Tolmen Stone

Nine maidens 2

Nine Maidens

Crock of Gold 2

Crock of Gold


Siwards Cross