Branscombes Loaf

Branscombe’s Loaf is another of Dartmoor’s brilliant stories. Walter Branscombe was the Bishop of Exeter back in the 13th century. He was riding home across the Corn Ridge with his servant when a stranger appeared offering them food in the form of bread and cheese. Being hungry from their ride Walter reached out for the offering. Luckily the servant noticed the cloven hoof of the stranger and recognised him as the Devil himself. Knocking the food out of his masters hand immediately, saving him from losing his soul, the bread and cheese flew through the air and landed in their current position on top of the Corn Ridge. The Devil vanished as soon as the food landed. This tor can be approached from most directions as there are plenty of paths that lead this way, the most popular being that from Sourton Tor. Branscombe’s Loaf is not within any of the firing ranges, although to the east is the Okehampton range.

Height – 532 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX553891            Mark out of 10 – 7


Slipper Stones 4

Looking up to Branscombe’s Loaf

Yes Tor and High Willhays behind Branscombe’s Loaf

Meldon Reservoir from Branscombe’s Loaf

Looking to the loaf from the cheese