Cherrybrook Rocks

This is a fairly small collection of rocks sitting beside the early stages of the Cherrybrook, opposite Broadown Tor and just below Lower White Tor. There’s a fair bit of higher ground around these rocks meaning the views are a bit limited to the north and west. However south, along the Cherrybrook and its valley there is a lovely view to Bellever Tor and forest. This batch of rocks lies just to the east of the Merrivale firing range so be wary if heading west from here. The best way here is to park at Two Bridges and walk along the ridge to Longaford Tor, then Higher White Tor, Lower White Tor and down to Cherrybrook Rocks.

Height – 450 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX621795            Mark out of 10 – 6.5

Cherrybrook Rocks down below, with Broadown Tor up the hill the other side

From Cherrybrook Rocks out along the valley

All barren behind Cherrybrook Rocks