Crip Tor

This is a tor on private land, similar to Scorbitor, in that you can get a decent view to it from afar, however as you start to get nearer and nearer, it disappears from view behind grassy lumps and bushes. The best two spots to view this are from the old railway track below Ingra Tor or the hillside as as slopes down towards Criptor farm track. The second spot is the old railway track again, but this time below Swell Tor. There is a permissive path that runs pretty close to the tor, however once on it you are too low down to see it. So unless you fancy being cheeky and knocking on the house door to ask if you can visit then you will have to look at this one from a distance. No military firing areas near here.

Height –  266metres           OS Grid Reference – SX554726           Mark out of 10 – 4

To the left of the house you can see parts of Crip Tor. This is from the railway below Ingra Tor

Bit of zoom to show them

Crip Tor


From back to front is Cox Tor, then Vixen Tor standing proud in the sun, then just above the bushes in the foreground is the rocks of Crip Tor, this tor sits in the gardens of the white house and is on private property, but you can get quite close here.

Now at the Swell Tor side and looking down to Crip Tor farm again, with the tor on the grassy hill to the right

Crip Tor