Kennick East Tor

On the eastern banks of the Kennick reservoir lies this tor. As the path dips into a wooded section this tor sits by the path on the banks both sides of a stream which flows into the reservoir. This is an anglers path, so in theory only anglers can pass this way, however go on a quiet day and you will see no one. The outcrop is mainly set into the bank, but the path is barely a few metres away so the tor can easily be accessed. Hardly any views from this tor, other than that of the waters of the reservoir. There are no firing ranges near here.

Height – 270 metres          OS Grid Reference – SX805844         Mark out of 10 – 3

These couple of rocks sit to the north of the stream, which is just right of here and are part of the tor

The main rocks are across the stream and embedded in a bank

Apart from a few which stick up a bit!