Little Whiten Tor

There are plenty of tors in this area, most of them better than this one, in fact this is nothing more than a rocky outcrop on the side of a hill. Just treat this as a minor diversion from Higher White Tor to Lower White Tor, take a photo and move on. There is a fair walk to this one from say Two Bridges, so you are committed on reaching somewhere a bit better like Rough Tor if you have got this far. The easiest way to this is to cross the wall behind Higher White Tor and then follow it down the hill towards Crow Tor, the tor will appear to your right. The views are ok, but as you are dropping down the side of the hill the ground around is higher, with Rough Tor in view and Beardown Tor to the south west, the views north along the West Dart are pretty decent. You are also on the edge of the Merrivale range here, which starts at Rough Tor/Crow Tor.

Height – 508metres            OS Grid Reference – SX615787         Mark out of 10 – 4

Parts of Whiten Tor, the main outcrop is left of here. Rough Tor has the sun on it

From the wall by Crow Tor you get the view of Little Whiten Tor with Higher White Tor behind

Rough Tor 11

Little Whiten Tor looking north

Rough Tor 12

Across to Rough Tor with Little Whiten Tor in the foreground