Lutton Tor

This tor sits below the easily accessible hill of Brent Hill on the southern side of Dartmoor. A simple walk up the western side of the hill access to the hill can be found up either path/track on that side. The easier one for access to this tor is the track through Lutton farm, which will bring you out a short distance away. Head northeast at the end of the path and into the small woodland on the side of the hill. You will see the tor sticking up within the woods. If you come down from Brent Hill summit, you could try to follow the wall which leads directly to the top of Lutton Tor, or drop down a little, pass the lower outcrop of Brent Hill before reentering the woodland for the below grid reference. There are no views from this tor really as it is enclosed by trees, nor is there any military firing ranges near here.

Height – 255 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX700614           Mark out of 10 – 5

The strikingly upright main rock of Lutton Tor

At the top and back of the tor is the wall on the right and some smaller boulders on the left. The hill you can see through the trees is Brent Hill

Looking out from Lutton Tor in winter