Seamans Borough Rocks

This is an easily seen outcrop just to the south of the path from Clifford Bridge to Fingle Bridge. Like most woodland tors it is best seen in the winter or early spring months, but even in summer you can still see it from the path even if getting to it would involved a trek through nettles and bracken. The outcrop stretches uphill for about 40 metres or so and if you want to come from above it is a steep drop down from Wooston Castle fort. No views from here and nothing in the way of firing ranges near here either.

Height – 120 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX763899          Mark out of 10 – 4.5

Seamans Borough Rocks, easier to see in winter

The outcrop is easily seen from the path below, however in summer there is plenty of bracken, bramble and nettles to the tor from the path. You would need to come from above in summer