Yealm Rocks

Yealm Rocks are a small group of granite stones sitting near the river Yealm just up the hill from the Yealm waterfall. There’s not too much to see here, although there is a good view out along the Yealm valley towards the South Hams. In the opposite direction the hillsides narrow towards the head of the river Yealm which is only a 20 minute walk up stream. The easiest way to this group of rocks is through Dendles Waste, parking at somewhere like Rook. There are no military areas near this tor.

Height – 355 metres           OS Grid Reference – SX616638            Mark out of 10 – 3

Looking along the Yealm valley to South Hams from Yealm Rocks

Looking upstream towards the head of the Yealm

Looking across to Stalldown Barrow, Three Barrow behind in the sun. The waterfall is also down there where you can see the cutting