Brentmoor House

Brentmoor House started out in the 17th century as a farmstead and outbuildings and it stayed this way until 1855 when the place was bought by Francis Maynell. He had retired from the East India Company and upgraded the house into a mansion for his family to live in. His daughter died tragically of a riding accident at the 3000 acre site and her ghost was said to haunt the place. A memorial lies by the side of the tarmac road up on a stone ledge. In the 1900s the mansion became the Hunt masters lodge and then in WW2 a place where deaf children sheltered. After the war it was a youth hostel until the water company decided it should be shut down as it was down stream of its dam. The Royal Marines then used it as target practice and bombed it to destruction. Hence its current state.



The remaining grounds of Brentmoor House


Walls that would have been foundations for buildings

A monument at Brentmoor House