The Starch Factory

Or is it a sheepfold, a farmstead, or all of them. Firstly what is undoubtedly true is that the walls are built unbelievably well and measure over 2 metres high. This for me cannot be just a sheepfold, the upright stones inside the exterior walls suggest other uses and the Potato Starch factory looks to be more likely. I have seen sheepfolds in many parts of Britain, including the Lake District and Scotland, they are no way this elaborate and substantial, in fact the walled structure next to the main building would be more of a sheepfold. It is known that potatoes were grown extensively near to Moretonhamstead, which would tie in with the Starch Factory theory. So for me its a Starch Factory in the main. This one sits on the side of Stannon Tor, just north of Postbridge so its not too far for you to go and see for yourself and make your own mind up.

The Sheepfold? Or Starch Factory?

Upright stones within the building walls

The walls are over two metres high

Beautifully built structure with Winney’s Down to the north