Dunstone Cross

This is a fine little cross, which probably would have been taller in previous times. The cross sits on the tiny Higher Dunstone green, sitting atop of three boulders in a stack. The cross was returned here back in 1981 after the vicar of Widecombe had taken it in for safe keeping after it fell in 1860. The cross sits on the green beside the Dun stone, or Rent stone. A large rock with holes/depressions in the top. This was were the local court was held for the local Lord of the Manor and rent was paid to him. Vinegar would have been put in the holes and the rent dropped in, cleaning the coins of disease, especially during plague times.

Dunstone Cross on its boulders behind the Dun Stone
The small green, the Dun Stone and Dunstone Cross with fine views to Tunhill Rocks and Wittaburrow behind