Fitz’s Well and Cross

Now this place requires a bit of detective work. It is named after a John Fitz, who when walking with his wife (possibly from the chapel at Halstock) got lost in the mist (or piskie led), to break the spell they needed to find a clear spring and did so here, water still flows out of this area. Allegedly John erected a cross here as a memorial to this miracle beside the spring. The cross itself is pretty short and stubby and may well have come from the chapel at Halstock as well. The well became a site of pilgrimage, especially on Easter Sunday and is also known as Spicer’s Well. Now here is were the detective coat comes in handy. In the south of Dartmoor, near Princetown sits a Fice’s Well (also a couple who were piskie led in the 1560’s), Fice and Fitz are a similar spelling and the two areas of ground were owned possibly by the same man John Fice. So two wells, same tale, similar memorial to the springs of water and the same man. Probably.

Fitz’s Well, covered with a stupid concrete slab now
Fitz’s Cross, the well is 2metres to the right of the cross