Ringmoor Down Stone Row and Circle

This stone row runs for around 350 metres in a sort of north/south direction, finishing with a stone circle at its southern end. Most of this row and circle have been re-erected by Reverend Baring-Gould (who also wrote the hymn Onward Christian Soldier), his work here however was critisised as he reconstructed half of the circle with stones from other areas, and placed them where he thought best, some of the stone row was done in the same way. There are still a fair few gaps in the stone row, especially at the northern end.



Looking from the northern end stone along the row


A few gaps at this end of the row


About half way along and the row becomes a double row


Ringmoor Stone Circle


And again this time with Legis Tor, Hen tor and the Trowlesworthy tors in view


Looking back along the row from the stone circle end