Sittaford Stone Circle

In 2007 a local man, Alan Endacott who believed there were more historic sites on Dartmoor found the Sittaford Stone Circle, around 250 metres to the west of Sittaford Tor. After a particularly wet period of weather Alan noticed that a number of stones had become washed clean by the weather and standing water. He prodded with his walking stick and managed to complete most of what is now known to be the newest stone circle discovered on Dartmoor. It is over 4000 years old and is the highest stone circle in the South of England at 525 metres asl. All the stones are laid flat, probably why it took so long to find it, however there is evidence that they once stood upright, and 100 years ago it was commonplace to resurrect these ancient artifacts.



On the path from Sittaford Tor to Winney’s Down this stone marks the point at which the stone circle sits


Part of the stone circle, with the flat stones, Quintins Man behind


Sittaford Tor from the stone circle


The upright stone in view as is Fernworthy forest