3 Way Range Pole

This pole is unique on Dartmoor, it sits right in the centre of 3 Dartmoor firing ranges and a step one way or the other will take you into a range. The three ranges Merrivale, Okehampton and Willsworthy all meet at this point and only a thin sliver of land, between the Merrivale and Willsworthy ranges, would allow you reach this point if live firing was taking place in all the ranges. This is a remote spot sitting in an area called The Meads on the OS map, to the north east of Standon Hill. To get here you will travel over some rough ground but once here you will find a fine view to the north.

Looking north towards the Okehampton range. This post is much fatter than the normal pole
Looking to Fur Tor and the Merrivale range
The Willsworthy Range is fairly bland from this vantage point