South Brent parking

These parking spots sit on the southern edge on Dartmoor near to the village of South Brent. The main spot is pretty much in the middle of South Brent itself, right by the railway line. It’s the signposted parking for this village and is a decent starting point for local walks. The car park will take 20 cars, there’s also parking along the road if this is full. From here there’s a great walk up to Shipley Bridge or beyond to Avon Dam. There’s also a simple ascent of Brent Hill that can be made from here. To the west of South Brent lie some extra parking around Ugborough Beacon, two spots at Wrangaton golf course (one the club car park) and the other spot at Lady Wood. The Lady Wood parking takes 3 or 4 cars by the gate and another 4 up the road in a layby. Wrangaton golf course needs care as it is a golf course but also has public footpaths running through it. If the golfers get grumpy then down the lane 100 metres is a nice layby..

South Brent parking map

South Brent parking to the left of the railway

South Brent car park to the left of the railway

South Brent parking 2