Cadover Bridge parking

As I’ve said before on other parts of this site, this are is busy, sometimes horrifically so. You’ll get all comers up here, camping, picnicing, swimming, diving, walking and dog walking. And plenty more besides. If it’s a hot summers day and you like a bit of calm tranquility then avoid this place like the plague. I’ve seen over 100 cars here at one point. However come in the middle winter, on a cold day, and its beautiful and worth the effort. There are at least 4 main areas to park and I’ve not included parking on grassy verges and the smaller car parks. Normally you should get a spot here and parking is free. A note however not to block the fishing car parks 100metres and more past the counting house (house in the trees), these are private.



The main car park at Cadover, the ice cream van is there most weekends and holidays


The counting house is in the trees on the right this is the car park next to it, car parks beyond this one are for fishing only


The main car park at Cadover as I enter North Wood