Great Mis Tor parking

There are quite a few parking spots along the stretch of B3357 running from Rundlestone to Merrivale (there are more outside these two points but they are on different pages). Starting from the Rundlestone end, there is the telephone box by the tarmac path (2 cars), plus the area by the old reservoir house (5 cars). Then on to the parking spots by the track leading to Yellowmeade Farm and Foggintor (7 cars). Further still there the tree car park at the bottom of the track to Great Mis Tor (15 cars) and finally there is a car park just before you get to Merrivale (6 cars). All these spots are free parking and there should be enough to get at least one of them. The walks are vast from here, from North Hessary Tor, Kings Tor and Swell Tor to the south, to Great Mis Tor, the Staple Tors and Roos Tor to the north. Be aware that heading north will take you into the Merrivale firing range beyond Great Mis Tor.



The tree car park at the bottom of the Great Mis Tor track


Telephone box parking at the Rundlestone end, Great Mis Tor behind the post