Gutter Tor parking

These are a number of spots surrounding Ringmoor Down. Furthest northwest is a couple of spots below Gutter Tor from which to start a walk in this area. This track leads out to the Scout hut and beyond to Eylesbarrow, however cars can’t go on further than the car park. You will get about 8-10 well parked cars here, if not there’s another spot back by the junction which will hold another 5. The Brisworthy car park will take 10 cars easily and the two spots either side of Ringmoor Cottage will take a few cars. The walks from here are endless, with Ditsworthy Warren, Legis Tor, Gutter Tor, on to Drizzlecombe and Higher Hartor Tor or up the track to Eylesbarrow and Nun’s Cross.



Gutter Tor car park


Gutter Tor/Nattor parking with the scout hut in the trees

This is the parking at the junction where the road branches out to Nattor scout hut


Car park by Brisworthy